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So ns just acquired a contact from somebody with the wedding festival speak I had actually won a complimentary mary kay facial. Has anybody acquired this call..I am wondering if the a scam ns am reasoning its a cheat what go everybody rather think?


I obtained this from a bridal present that i went to. The women concerned my home did a facial cost-free of charge. She likewise did like a mini psychological of make up. Of food they would prefer you to purchase stuff, yet I walk not. I chosen the do up, however did not like this consultant, so ns booked through a various MK consultant to execute my comprise for the wedding.



As a former MK rep, I can say the isn"t a scam, however it"s also not what you can think the is. A MK facial is commonly a one-on-one through a rep where you obtain to try rhe skin treatment products (which space pretty good) and get proposal on makeup. The is additionally a type of sales key though, or at least that"s exactly how it was when I was v them.


Mary Kay frequently gives out cost-free facials together prizes and stuff. Their hope is you"ll shot their product and also like it and want to buy some. It"s a method for castle to acquire their name out there and also hopefully get new customers. Ns won one in ~ a bridal fair yet I was too busy and never got a chance to use it.

I simply did a face ina bag though from a freind who is a mar Kay representative however she lives out the state therefore she sent out it come me. It to be basically confront washes, scrubs and also lotions and then makeup.

I actually finished up fallout’s in love wiht your concealer and structure and because I will certainly be act my very own wedding makeup, I"m going to buy some.

I say walk for it and also if girlfriend don"t like it climate don"t buy the


I had the very same thing. Its type of fun yet they really want you to purchase something. My consultant offered me a $10 gift cert. And I to buy something for $10 lol

I will additionally say very few of the reps I have known room licensed to administer any kind of facial, various other than wade you with the steps while you use the product. Ditto through makeup.

Not a scam

I"m a mary Kay Independent beauty beauty Consultant (just started, yay me!) and we market these facials fully free!

Aidan is correct, we don"t actually give the facials (at least I don"t) but we have all the tools and also product because that you to use and also walk you through the process. There have to be plenty of various kinds of make up for friend to shot too! The consultant will usually give you a free gift, just for hosting, and also there are frequently prizes you get for the purchases your party has actually made. They frequently do illustrations too, so her guests can get cost-free gifts or a complimentary order, etc. Talk to the consultant and she"ll provide you the details, however it"s no scam and also there have to be no acquisition necessary.

Glad i saw this!! i have actually a friend who is a MK consultant and also offered to carry out my make up for the wedding however I have been second guessing that vs airbrush.. Discovering that few of you had actually MK makeup for your wedding renders me feel far better about it!

Lauren, even if it"s no for the wedding day, it"s simply something fun to gain the girls together!
I"ll be having a party for my girls and also I"m reaching out to any kind of brides ns know/meet to sell the same! just a fun "spa girls day"!

Jen - Congrats! I offered to be a mar Kay Consultant, yet sales simply wasn"t because that me. Come this day, i absolutely love MK products and still use loads of them. This is absolutely not a scam, simply be ready that castle will desire to market you stuff...a most stuff. You room by no way obligated, but if you"re like me, climate you"ll feel choose you are because I can"t speak no come people. That said, it"s not favor they"re make the efforts to sell you a crappy product. They yes, really do have amazing stuff, so friend do gain your money"s worth. And like
Soon to it is in Mrs. Fornasty said, if friend don"t favor that particular consultant, but you do like the products, climate there are tons of MK consultants to select from. Simply go to your website and find one in your area and also see if you favor them better!

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