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Maria Woodworth-Etter

Tocasual readers of the new York time article, “Found Footage supplies a brand-new Glimpse at 1906 san Francisco Earthquake” byNiraj Chokshi(April 14, 2018), the disaster might be merely an interesting story in our nation’s past. Butto college student of church history, particularly Pentecostal church history, thedisaster evokes storage of among the most influential female preachers ofmiracles and also healing in the joined States. That preacher was Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844 - 1924).Duringan 1890 revival meeting in Oakland, Calif, Woodworth-Etter and also others predicteda tidal wave and earthquake would certainly occur and also destroy the just Area ~ above April 14,1890. World fled the area, but the prediction did no come true.Sixteen year later, onApril 18, 1906, one earthquake struggle the city and left that in ruins. An ext than3,000 civilization died in what reporter Chokshi defined as “a tragic chapter inAmerican history.” One newspaper at the moment reported, “Nearly half the city isin ruins and 50,000 space homeless.”Woodworth-Etter (formerlyMaria B. Woodworth) thought the earthquake was a fulfillment of she 1890prophecy, according to chronicler Wayne Warner. In his book, Maria Woodworth-Etter: for Such A Time as This, the noted“it was prudent the she not mention the reality that her 1890 prophecy alsomentioned a killer tidal wave – a small of which san Francisco firemen couldhave supplied in 1906 to quell the raging fires.”Warner has actually done extensiveresearch ~ above Woodworth-Etter, whom he called in one book, “The woman Evangelist.”In his solution to a 2009 blog post around the earthquake, Warner detailed thatWoodworth-Etter was 55 in January 1890 when she suspect “a tidal wave andearthquake would damage the just Area.” The regional newspapers featured regularreports around the prediction. Warner wrote:
Thedisaster was collection for April 14, 1890 and also an approximated thousand world fled thearea for nearby hills.
Whatabout Maria? She left through her team and set up her time in St. Louis–far indigenous predicted tidal wave.
Woodworth-Etter went on tohold renewal meetings in miscellaneous parts that the unified States. In 1912, she heldmeetings with F.F. Bosworth in ~ his church in Dallas, Texas. She reverted toOakland in 1915. On her return visit, she mentioned the 1890 prediction,according to Warner. In his book, The woman Evangelist, he cited a reportshe presented in her book, A Diary ofSigns and Wonders, in i m sorry she showed up to insurance claim validation. She wrote:
Iremember just how the lord had shown me at the time the good earthquake that wascoming on mountain Francisco, Oakland, and adjoining towns, and that I would certainly live towork over the ruins. Now, after every these years, I saw that prophecy fulfilled.
Readers might dismiss theevangelist’s insurance claim as nothing much more than pure rash while some, especially Pentecostals,might watch an facet of magnificent truth in she prediction, also though it was offa few years. In Warner’s view, the earthquake prediction to be a “false prophecy”that brought about much harm as it brought about “the worst scare since the Milleritesexperienced their ‘Great Disappointment’ during 1843.” Warner observed: “The goodthat was completed in Oakland throughout the Woodworth meetings to be hardly worththe damage that come as a result of the false prophecy.”
While acknowledging thateveryone renders mistakes, Warner created that “it was apparent that Mrs. Woodworth –who was absolutely handicapped with little formal education and also no theologicaltraining – chalked up numerous colossal mistake in she Oakland crusade.”Unfortunately, there is no document of her ever admitting she’d do a mistakewith the prophecy.

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