An image shared on Facebook cases to present a guy wearing a polar bear costume being arrested for tearing black Friday shoppers’ tents apart.

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Verdict: False

The image of the costumed male being arrested is actually from a 2014 climate protest in brand-new York City. The claim appears to have actually originated ~ above a satire website.

Fact Check:

Black Friday, the job after Thanksgiving recognized as the start of the vacation shopping season, commonly draws crowds of shoppers camped outside waiting for stores come open. More shoppers are likely to pick to shop virtual this year as result of the coronavirus pandemic, USA now reported.

The Facebook photo shares two photos: one which reflects what shows up to be tents collection up exterior of a building in addition to a “breaking news” chyron reading, “Man in be affected by each other costume arrested because that tearing personal tents of black Friday shoppers,” and also one reflecting a human dressed in a polar be afflicted with costume gift taken far in handcuffs by police.

However, over there is no evidence that a guy wearing a polar be affected by each other costume was arrested for antagonizing black color Friday shoppers. Through a reverse photo search, check Your Fact found that the picture of the costumed guy being arrested was in reality taken at a September 2014 climate protest in brand-new York City, according to The Washington Post.

The costumed protester was one of 100 protesters arrested throughout the protest, according to NBC new York. The arrests come a day after 300,000 human being marched in brand-new York City in the “People’s Climate March” to draw attention to climate readjust and its results on the planet. (RELATED: Is Minecraft Shutting down In December?)

The insurance claim may have actually originated indigenous a 2017 article titled, “Man In be afflicted with Costume Arrested because that Tearing personal Tents Of black Friday Campers” released on 8 Satire, which describes itself as a “satire news and humor website.” The chyron seen in the Facebook photo was likely developed on a website the generates prank news chyrons and also then added to the snapshot of tents in addition to the picture of the male in the polar be affected by each other costume being arrested.

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