Capo: 5th fret | C | C | F F#dim7| C/G| C | C | F F#dim7 | C/G G#dim7 am | C E7Perhaps it"s the shade of the sun cut flat am D7/F#An" cov"rin" the crossroads I"m standing in ~ C C/B to be C/G Fmaj7Or maybe it"s the weather or something choose that C/G G6 CBut mama you to be on mine mind. C E7I don"t average trouble you re welcome don"t placed me down or get upset am D7/F#I am not pleadin" or sayin" "I can"t forget." C C/B am C/G Fmaj7I do not walk the floor bowed under an" bent however yet C/G G6 CMama you been on mine mind. CEven though my mind is hazy an" my think they can be small E7/B am D7/F#Where you to be don"t bother me nor lug me under in sorrow. C C/B to be C/B Fmaj7It don"t even matter come me wherein you"re wakin" up tomorrowF#dim7 C G6 CBut mama you"re simply on my mind. C E7/BI am not askin" you to say words choose "yes" or "no" am D7/F#Please know me I gained no ar for friend t" go. C C/B to be Fmaj7I"m just breathin" come myself pretendin" not that i don"t knowC/G G6 CMama you to be on mine mind. | C E7 | am | D7/F# | C/G C/B am || F F#dim7 | C/G G6 | C G | G7 N.C. | CWhen you wake up in the mornin" baby look inside her mirror. E7 to be Am/G D7/F#You recognize I won"t be alongside you you understand I won"t it is in near. C Fmaj7I"d just be curious to recognize if you can see yourself as clearF#dim7 C/G G7 C G G7 CAs someone that has had actually you ~ above his mind

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