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(Note indigenous The Ashley: as result of the seriousness the the episode, this recap will certainly not be the humorous kind usually uncovered on The Roundup, but will serve an ext as a overview of what happened during Friday’s episode.)

On this illustration of Mama June: From not to Hot, viewers gain an within look in ~ the events leading up to and also immediately complying with the march arrest of Mama June Shannon and also her boyfriend, Geno Doak.

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As The Ashley previously told you, the 2 were arrested at an Alabama gas station after cops discovered crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia ~ above both of them.

Just in instance you needed a refresher.

The episode, which was filmed 7 weeks after June and also Geno’s arrests, begins with a sit under conversation in between Moriah, one of the show’s executive producers, June’s daughter Pumpkin and June’s sisters Doe Doe.

“Who wants to absent this point off?”

Pumpkin call the instance with her mom “a hot mess” and also adds the “everything adds up” once watching the footage from the treatment they had actually for June. Both Moriah and also Doe Doe say the June hasn’t talked to them since the intervention, when Pumpkin says due to the fact that June’s arrest, she’s lucky if she hears from her mommy once or double a week. While contact with June has been sporadic at best, Pumpkin does check that June is OK—at least physically.

Pumpkin walk on to describe that there have been two court dates due to the fact that the arrest, despite a dispute of interest about June and also Geno having actually the very same attorney hosted things up and also now June is make the efforts to gain a various attorney for Geno, much to Pumpkin and also Doe Doe’s dismay.

(We then learn via screen caption that since recording this interview, June’s lawyer requested to be taken off of the case and also a court date has no yet been set.)

The 3 women talk about how fun and also light the present was in the an initial two seasons and also how different the tone has actually been because that the third—- June and Geno’s relationship included. Pumpkin says things started going downhill after Geno’s an initial arrest (featured ~ above the show) because that violation of probation concerning a DUI.

“Geno gaining arrested was an apparent red flag,” Pumpkin claims as viewers are shown previously unaired clip of the arrest itself.

The occasions following Geno’s (first) arrest and also subsequent release were televised, including his pinky-promise come Alana the he’d never go to jail again. Doe Doe and Pumpkin are both bothered that he ultimately damaged this promise to her.

Pumpkin says after the arrest, Geno and also June make the efforts to gain things back on track, however she claims Geno had his “eye on one more prize,” and also it shows up that “prize” was various other women.

After seeing a replay of the footage of Geno informing June’s ex-husband Sugar Bear that he would have “d***ed down” your waitress in ~ the pool hall (as friend do), we view a previously unaired clip native the exact same night of Geno calling June informing her that missed her.

“With Mama, she’s constantly had a background of choose the dorn guy and also I really believed that Geno was going to be different,” Pumpkin says. “He fooled everybody right into thinking he to be this nice, caring person.”

“Boy were we wrong!”

“He’s a good con man,” Doe Doe adds. “It’s so obvious now.”

Pumpkin shares through the ladies that someone messaged she claiming that Geno had available them $2,000 to “do the nasty through him,” and also apparently there space at the very least six others informing the exact same story.

In yet another previously unaired clip, we check out June’s manager Gina protect against by her residence while calling consistently in an attempt to resolve some the the rumors being spread about Geno and also his womanizing ways.

In the middle of the interview, Pumpkin gets a phone call from June. June speak Pumpkin that she and also Geno have been continuing to be at a hotel/casino and also Pumpkin cautions her to prevent spending so much money. Pumpkin climate puts June on speak phone and Moriah asks why June hasn’t returned any type of of her calls or texts. June tells Moriah she only reached out once and then go “all g*****m hush-mouthed.”

June walk on to acquire onto Pumpkin for no coming to watch her more, i m sorry Pumpkin defends by recall her mother that she’s liven taking treatment of her own offspring (as well as Alana).

After the call, Moriah says it’s a great sign that June obviously quiet cares about the family, in ~ least enough to call. Pumpkin states she doesn’t want to visit she mom since she doesn’t want to be around Geno, i beg your pardon Doe Doe states she understands.

Viewers then obtain a recall of clip documenting Geno’s background of sending out explicit image to pan of the show, in addition to the footage of June offering the details the Geno’s dirty ways to Pumpkin. Pumpkin tells Doe Doe and Moriah this weren’t the only instances when June captured Geno up to no good… including a time once June discovered a vibrator in the bag of Geno’s pants.


“That’s a mental picture I’ll never get rid of. Thanks.”

Moriah states social media has actually blown up with people asking why June proceeds to remain with Geno and also Pumpkin explains it’s because June is fear to it is in alone. Doe Doe adds that June is the just one make the efforts in the relationship, a statement backed by the footage of June shopping because that lingerie in the hope of getting Geno come “pet the kitty cat” and also the footage of June convincing Geno to walk to tantric yoga.

Moriah states June would certainly tell her points with Geno were an excellent but Pumpkin confirms the behind close up door doors, they to be anything but. Doe Doe talks around Geno’s controlling ways and also Moriah adds that everyone on collection could view that the two weren’t working out as a couple.

Despite the stress and anxiety on (and off) screen, Pumpkin claims she no think Geno was physically abusive towards June; however, Moriah points out that someone did contact the cops in Alabama.

Pumpkin confirms it was June the made the call since “something” scared her sufficient to speak to the cops twice and hang up.

Next up, Moriah permits Pumpkin and also Doe Doe to leave the collection while a couple of “special guests” sign up with her. She is then joined by sugar Bear and his wife, Jennifer. Moriah asks if one of two people of them were surprised by the news of June’s arrest and also both show up to have actually been. Sugar Bear claims he and Jennifer may have to start taking care of Alana together June absolutely isn’t in a position to execute so at the moment.

However, in an exclusive sneak peek, we check out Pumpkin tell sugar Bear the she has actually temporary custody the Alana. Jennifer speak Moriah the she and Sugar Bear plan to fight for custody that Alana themselves.


Sugar Bear and also Jennifer leaving after wrapping up your talk through Moriah and Pumpkin and also Doe Doe rejoin her on set. The next topic the conversation is June’s physics state and also Pumpkin shares the June has acquired a most weight, which the group assumes is largely because of stress.

The 3 of them likewise talk around the issues with June’s swollen leg, broken tooth and also arm pain. Pumpkin says human being often questioning why June is so cynical to seek clinical assistance and she describes that it’s because June has a are afraid of physicians (though June did visit a doctor regarding the pain in she arm, as well as the night she was having mini-strokes).

While June did not show up to it is in doing fine throughout the entirety of Season 3, Moriah says things became worse toward the end of the season together June began sleeping until 2 p.m. And not answering she phone, staying clear of the crew indigenous filming and putting the manufacturing in danger of going end budget.

It was around this time, Moriah explains, the June’s plot led the crew to contact an ambulance together June appeared to it is in unresponsive regardless of sitting up through her eyes open (all when Geno continued drinking in ~ the bar top top June’s dime)—later revealed come be resulted in by mini-strokes. ~ rewatching the occasions of that night, especially June’s initial refuse to walk to the hospital without Geno, Doe Doe expresses she fears for June walk forward.

“If she doesn’t get out that this relationship, everything she desires to contact it, then she may not make it through it,” Doe Doe says.

Moriah phone call that particular night the solitary worst night they’ve ever before had on set and Pumpkin agrees the the case was toxicity as it became more evident than ever before that June prioritizes Geno over her family. Pumpkin claims June’s worries take a toy fee on the entire family, yet Alana is impacted an ext than anyone.

In previously unaired footage, we check out Alana crying in her bedroom and being comforted through Moriah and also Pumpkin. Pumpkin says she felt that moving Alana in v her and Josh was the appropriate thing come do—though we discover breaking that news come June was no as easy. Pumpkin says since moving her out of June’s house, Alana is act well.

Moriah, Doe Doe and also Pumpkin climate talk around the intervention they organized for June, which viewers will watch unfold ~ above the next episode. Moriah defines that the show carried in psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major to command the efforts. Pumpkin says she initially didn’t think an intervention was necessary, but was encouraged otherwise after talking to the doctor.

Doe Doe claims the intervention was intense and also she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to watch it—at least not there is no a crate of tissues. Pumpkin claims it “took a lot out of us,” and also in a sneak peek, we watch June irate outside of he house while Alana is inside crying, claiming the June scares her.

Adam Freeman, the show’s executive, management producer, commented on the intervention as well.


“June is no in her complete right framework of mind ideal now, which means she’s unpredictable. If she bolts and we allow her out of ours sight, we don’t know when we’ll view her again,” that says.

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The team closes the illustration by talking about how they recognize June is a good person deep down, and a an excellent mom.

“She’s constantly been loving and caring and giving and also we just want fun June back,” Doe Doe says. “The one that loves her kids and also puts them an initial and ya know, harasses me and also drives me insane. I want that one earlier … I know she’s there.”