The anti-Liberal, online T-shirt shop takes satisfied in roasting left-leaning leaders across Canada.

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Some of its slogans and designs — because that instance, “Make Trudeau A Drama Teacher Again” — is a play on banter provided by Donald Trump’s U.S. Election campaign.

The clothing agency also takes aim at provincial Liberals.

“Fire Wynne” is printed across one T-shirt behind a pair the over-sized glasses.

Check the end the full online shop here

The digital retailer, at, also sells shirts and also hats that appeal come conservatives across Canada.

“Make The Oilpatch great Again,” reads among them. Adhered to by, "Make Canada Conservative Again."

Other wedge worries tackled by the T-shirt gurus, encompass firearms.

“Guns only have two enemies: Guns and also liberals,” one such T-shirt reads.

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