these bitches action local and also think an international Never checked out a 100 thousand, fine let me show you

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What you want to drink, I recognize you dislike being sober and I understand all this niggas hate Chief Sosa I"m cruising in mine "Rari through my Louie loafers Bitch I"m a Rastafari, I"m a toolie toter wish a nigga would shot to screw me over currently I acquired blood on my Louie loafers ns wear thousand dollar belts cause I"mma rich nigga Nina like to bust a bitch the method she hit niggas Shoes price a bunch of shit, look at my kicks nigga might of purchase a ass because that my bitch nigga I"m off this Activis, it gained me leanin" over
i poured up 4 that Purp in part Peach soda your boyfriend a opp, I"mma Nina punch him You to be on the phone with him, sucking my dick, that ain"t also know it ns ain"t even try to friend wanna Glo up, baby Keef obtained you You"s a gold bottle, these hoes pink Moscato infant I"m the owner, you have the right to be my castle Baby cause I like you
just reason I text you and why i Skype you I just wanna fuck every you, ns don"t wanna wife you but you gotta brush your teeth and also do what i say do Bitch can you listen me? save your pussy in par, no 360 that boy stated he obtaining gwuap, no he didn"t Almighty Sosa his finish mission I"m nowhere about you I"m high of this earth, i can"t come ago down to baby this is a song, I simply thought ns tell friend I would certainly send friend off yet I don"t wanna mail you
ns don"t wanna odor you reason I"mma cut you off, quicker than i met girlfriend I"ma swipe your name up turn off my schedule and also if smoke this blunt, girl, I"m gone forget friend ns ain"t even playing though i make bitches fly choose Peter Pan do That"s why I just ask friend You"s a alcoholic, i ain"t obtained no time for you Is you turn off the molly If I book your flight, is girlfriend gonna peak me it s okay you gained me i don"t love no thotties



Keef to be soo front of his time.. Wrote alot of his own shit, sosa ~ above the beat!! bottom line readjusted rap in ~ 16

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no chorus ...killed that ... Ns remember listening come this together a 16 year old as soon as he exit it high af w the boys

HOW IS THAT possible I already TOLD you SWAGGY family I said YOU to LOOK ago YOU check out DAD JOKES every little thing WHEN girlfriend REWIND IS A DAD hoax WHAT consistent PERSON does THAT have the right to YOU not TELL IM stronger NIGGA.YOURE IN mine SPELL REMMEBER THIS IS every little thing AT THE end OF THE work I know YOU not WANNA LOOK at PITCH black color FOR THE rest OF your LIFE without THE power TO.CREATE CANNOT happen SWEAR.TO.YOU.WE PERFECT BEINGS.NO SUCH point AS one ERROR NIGGA