In Love Advice native the an excellent Duke the Hell by Unfins (Damien), high school student Paul summons a demon, Astaroth that the 23 good Dukes the Hell, to offer him some advice on how to speak to Elena, the cute girl who works in ~ a regional café.

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Naturally, yes sir a capture to summoning the demon: the contract with Astaroth dictates the Paul will certainly owe that his spirit in exchange because that borrowing a single ounce of his strength for 6 days.

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Paul sets around using Astaroth’s strength to go after his romance with Elena, with small regard for the unavoidable collection of the contract (that probably won’t come back to haunt him, right?). A collection of increasingly hilarious occurrences ensue together Astaroth is ordered to tidy increase whilst Paul is in ~ school, bring about run-ins in between the demon and the remainder of Paul’s family.

Unbeknownst to Paul, a clandestine organization well-known as the divine Order has actually been holding the forces of evil at bay because that untold century (when lock aren’t suggesting over that is the best Powerpuff Girl, anyway). Many thanks to part sloppy magic use, they’ve become conscious of the demonic task that’s ensuing in the city. But when few of those world closest come Paul’s love join pressures with the divine Order, hell be confronted with a whole brand-new round of hellish complications.

The uncanny illustrations the demonic task and dark wonder spells comparison sharply with the comic’s ridiculous feeling of humor, which only serves to underscore the perfectly timed beat lines. On peak of gift laugh-out-loud hilarious, the story has some superior plot twists, do this comic more complicated to get away from than a deal with the devil.

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