Well, girlfriend better, because Ridgewood high is your new Wisconsin girls" basketball state champs!

Oh, wait, wherein is she?

Maddie Rooney!

I"m below with Maddie Rooney.

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She sank the game-winning shot.

We won!

Porcupines won state!



She commonly says, "bam!

What," yet she adjusted it due to the fact that today"s special!

State champs!


Well, that is walk to it is in a porcu-party in Stevens point tonight!

I"m no gonna miss it!

I"m Johnny Nimbus, signing turn off from the bam!





Look who"s on the prior page.


That"s me!

This is therefore cool, mom.

My small girl is headline news.

I made the beautiful confront in my baby oven.

Parker, let"s go.

Victory parade will certainly be here any kind of minute Yeah, organize that thought.

Three, two, one!


My month-long penalty is over.

On my favourite TV show, Linda and Heather, the rascally little brother turned his refrigerator right into a time machine.

I make the efforts to do the very same thing come our fridge.

It did not go well.

It did no go fine at all.

I had actually a half a meatball sub in there.

They found it 4 blocks away.

He tho ate it.

Mom and also dad punished me through a month the no TV, no computer, no video clip games.

Also, the federal government confiscated a great portion the my residence laboratory.

Don"t copy what you see on TV, yo.

Maddie, I"m yes, really proud of just how you battled earlier from that knee injury.

And currently look at you my huge sis, the state champ.


Thank you.

That means a lot to me, little bro.


Bank that feeling, since I"m not going to her rally.

- What?

- Linda and also Heather"s season ends tonight.

I have to watch the 4 episodes i missed prior to the finale airs.

If ns don"t, it"ll be spoiler city at school tomorrow.

And you recognize the spoil renders me boil.

Yeah, dude, don"t even worry.

I entirely get it.

I love the show.


Wait it spins you obtain to the one where Heather"s no spoilers!

I will rebreak her knee.



But, Maddie, it"s a parade.


Not a parade.

Just the young who damaged my daughter"s heart.

Diggie is going far to be an exchange college student again, and it"s in reality why we broke up.

I bet he desires to speak goodbye to me, however I don"t think I could handle that.

Besides, ns mean, there"s a new man in mine life, and also his name is victory.

Hi, Maddie.

Can ns just have a minute hello Stevens point!

We space coming to you live indigenous the residence of coach Rooney and also team captain, slash, m.



, slash, people hero, slash I as with saying "slash" Maddie Rooney!

Hey, champs, it"s parade time!

Let"s gain a relocate on!


Let"s go!

You"re a big fella, press these world out of mine way.

All right, so I"ll simply I"ll just capture you later then, Maddie?

Ou can stay, yet I"m n Linda and Heather mode, bro.

So I"ma require you to dance.

Joey, are you there?

You room not using appropriate walkie-talkie etiquette, Liv.


Okay, Joey, the parade is going come be here literally any kind of second, so every the an ext reason come use suitable walkie-talkie etiquette, Liv.

- ns - Over!


Lobby to porcupine pit.

Come in, porcupine pit.

We require streamers.

Still didn"t listen an "over.

" - gain me the streamers!

- We room a go for streamers.

Over and out.

# 1 fan is in the house.

Dump truck, you"re a pan of girls" basketball?

Hey, it"s not girls" basketball.

It"s basketball the happens to be play by young women.

You desire a boys" black color eye?

Who"s this fuzzy wuzzy sphere of cute?

- His name is fat neck.

- "Cause of his large fat neck?

- space you neck-shaming mine rabbit?

- His neck is an extremely handsome, sir.

I gotta go change into mine porcupine pan gear.

- will you clock fat neck for me?

- Awesome!

You wanna hang v Uncle Jo-Jo?

Yes, girlfriend do-do.

I dislike it when world talk come pets.

You have actually a the majority of rules that i am not up to rate on.

Well, here"s the most crucial rule: If anything wake up to my rabbit, I will be irritated, there-to-fore I will lash out at people, ergo, you.

I"ll be appropriate back, my fat fuzzy wuzzy!

- I thought you hated - It"s different when I execute it.

Don"t you worry, Mr.

dump van sir!

Your hare is in an excellent Hands!

Oh no.

I ran below as shortly as I gained your text.

I only use my phone to contact my mother and pediatrician.

But as soon as I witnessed Reggie running down the street, shouting, "I"m coming, Dr.

p," it seemed prudent to follow.

You all set for a Linda and Heather marathon?

What do you think?

Boom, chicken soup!

We gain to have soup?


No, that"s something Linda and Heather to speak on our favourite show.

My bad, dawg.

And mother just enabled me to begin watching TV, i haven"t had actually the courage to perform it yet, however today"s the day.

Evan, every you need to know is Linda and also Heather room besties, and also in the last episode Reggie and also I saw, Linda was invited to it is in the very first teenager ~ above the international an are station.

Do you think she"ll take Heather v her or she vampire boyfriend, Steve?

Reggie, she"s no taking Steve.

Heather"s her b. F. F.

, and also b. F. F. "s have actually each other"s back.

You know, like just how you didn"t clock Linda and also Heather for the critical month, since I wasn"t enabled to clock it.


I gotta have actually my young to watch my show around my girls.

Okay, we need to watch all 4 episodes us missed before the finale airs.

No time for breaks, so our butts space stapled to this couch for the rest of the night, but what if I require a drink?

My mother said I might only come end if I kept myself properly hydrated.

Please, you"re in Dr.

p"s world now.

This is hooked as much as lemonade coco milk and guacamole because that our chips!

We get to have chips?

The forbidden fruit?

I was saving this because that Christmas, however Today"s an ext important.

God bless us, everyone.


Okay, the parade is coming.

Sticky tape down, people!

Come on, folks!

This victory parade just turned right into a success rally ~ above channel four!

So don"t dally, acquire down to that rally!


Maddie, Maddie!

Hey, I simply I need to talk to you because that a quick Second.

- Hi, Liv.

- Diggie.

I have been icing you out in a show of sisterly solidarity.

Bet girlfriend felt the chill.

Why do you should talk come Maddie therefore bad?

"Cause ns made a stupid mistake when I damaged up through her.

Yeah, friend did.

What"s up?

I wake up up this morning, all set to go to Australia however it simply hit me how difficult being far from Maddie is gonna be.

I don"t know if I have to go.

What are you saying?

I want to get back together through her.


Okay, but, Liv, carry out you think the she"d take it me back?

Because if she will, I"m no gonna leave.

No, i mean, Diggie, this is huge.

I can"t answer that for you.

You"re gonna need to ask her yourself.

I have actually been trying every day.

I leaving for the airplane in a half an hour.


Um Okay, you know what?

You just sit by the Paulie statue, and also I will certainly go get Maddie prior to you leave.

- space you serious?

- Yes.

- Okay, great.

Thank you.

- Oh!

Um You"re gonna deal with your hair before Maddie comes back, right?


I assumed it looked good.

You"re gonna deal with your hair prior to Maddie come back.



Let"s go, porcupines!

Where"s my bunny?

What did Joey carry out with my bunny?

Hippety-hop, that geek is gonna drop.

Please welcome #4, brie martucci!

Oh, good.

Maddie, Diggie really requirements to speak to you, and also it is large news.

Okay, Liv, I"m actually too busy celebrating with world who desire to it is in in my life to talk to somebody who doesn"t.

# 9, Kat Montenegro!

Okay, Maddie, i really, really want you come hear this from Diggie, but he states he"s walking to stay if girlfriend tell the to.


Oh, Johnny simply announced Kat.

You men are talking around something else.



He desires to get earlier together through you!

I mean, obviously, if that"s what you want, yet that is What girlfriend want, right?

I mean, yeah, it was, but I guess i kinda provided up top top that ever happening, so i don"t know.


Well, then, Maddie, you have actually to gain out there and talk to him, "cause he"s waiting for you in ~ the Paulie statue, yet he"s gonna leave for the plane in 10 minutes.

# 19, Samantha myman!

- Whoo!

- Yay!

Okay, Liv, there is an entire townful of world waiting for me in that gym.

It"s not favor I can be in two places at the very same time, maybe there"s a method that friend can.

There is?

# 8, Lacey sullenger!

I"ll describe it come you later, sweetie, okay?


Maddie, give me her uniform and also your spare pair of glasses, I will go to the rally, you go acquire Diggie, and, Willow, deserve to you just stall so I have time to change?

- obtained it.

- Okay, great.

# 44, Mrs.

Joey Rooney!


They asked exactly how I wanted to it is in introduced.

It"s my large day.

There she is!

And now, her team captain - Maddie roone - actually I think before we lug Maddie out, ns think everyone would love come hear among your well known weather poems, Johnny!

Oh no, no, ns couldn"t.

It"s not the right time or hickory dickory dock, the temperature"s beginning to drop.

Hickory dickory dizzle, outside, it"s beginning to drizzle.

Thunder walk boom, lightning provide it up because that Maddie Rooney!


You oh.


I would like to thank The academy Um, Johnny, how around another one of those weather poems?

Oh no, i couldn"t.

No one wants to hear roses are red, violets room blue, the high top top Tuesday to be 72!

This episode is epic!

I can"t wait because that the season finale ~ above the international an are station.

Dare i say it?

I"m a small giddy.

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Wait until you watch the finish of this episode, as soon as the girls capture the phantom rest dancer.