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4.0 the end of 5 stars A gold Throats album TV star makes a new Wave CCM album for Christian bookstores

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Lisa Whelchel, ALL due to the fact that OF YOU, Nissi Records/Sparrow record EMC 4606. Vinyl Lp dates about September, 1984.Tracks:Side One--Love BelieverJust ObeyHow High, how Deep, exactly how WideReal PossibilityGood GirlSide Two--ShelterSet Me FreeCover Me LordAll since of YouHe Sings Me to SleepSongwriting credits generally run come R. Rosasco-C. Cloninger, J. Rosasco-R. Brown, J. Rosasco-D. Rogers. Man Rosasco is the producer, which method that the mass of the mechanical royalties/recording budget plan pays come him very first before any artist royalties start to recoup. "Good Girl" is written by Steve Taylor, who was speak high on the Billboard CCM album charts with MELTDOWN (sold 135,000 copies). Lisa Whelchel"s 1983-penned song (per CCM magazine, April, 1983 issue) is monitor four, side two, and also the title track. Other CCM surname of cite in the credits room by Kelly Willard, whose period album on Maranatha documents was PSALMS, HYMNS, & spirituality SONGS, and also Bruce Hibbard, who tape-recorded for incense Records (Word Records) in 1980.Sound ~ above the Lp is A/C and also dance/pop-oriented synth pop, special mostly key-board sounds and also programmed north (snare fills sound like very metallic trash have the right to lids), electrical guitar solos, "80s wailing saxophone solos, etc.... The groove is at an early stage "80s synth/pop contemporary, like early Madonna, Eurythmics, the Fixx, FLASHDANCE soundtrack, and Christopher Cross. Lisa"s voice is greatly processed and also understanding the lyrics needs several plays and lots the attention. She puts across that early on "80s hip valley Girl new Wave pouty format quite well, which is surprising since the period CCM typically aped Amy Grant"s "70s adult modern stylings arguing Olivia Newton-John and Debby Boone hits from several years before. When the fast songs are synth/pop toss off dance Top-40 feeling, the slow songs here come unnervingly close come "Jesus Is mine Boyfriend" love themes (insert hoax here: ...).The album originates from the era in the early-mid "80s when the CCM labels to be ramping increase crossing over white popular music sound production and also Christian music themes as the "next large thing" in popular music music, creating CCM youth-oriented acts in a bid to crack the secular liquid pop industry (and mall record shops, beginning with Petra"s win THE mechanism January, 1985 album, climate Amy Grant"s UNGUARDED May, 1985 Lp). In a perverse alternating universe solution to railing against demonic behind masking flower power and rock action converting pop fans from Eisenhower-era facility values, CCM in 1985 was in the vanguard ready to take end the popular music charts through Christian brainwashing bubblegum programming songs.The album be crazy off one struggle from the album ~ above the CCM charts, "How High, how Deep, exactly how Wide," for one figure on the CCM mag"s CHR chart at place #42. The Lp charted in Billboard"s monthly height 40 Inspirational Albums Chart, at #35, #17 (peak), #22, #40, #40, #40, and gone; even Jimmy Swaggart"s living WATERS and SWEET ANOINTING albums outsold this Lp. Part pressings of this Lp were offered via the Columbia House/Columbia Record and also Tape club mail stimulate service; the back cover ~ above Columbia home pressings shows "CRC" bottom-right corner over the release number. CCM chart-topping acts" record sales at the time had actually Amy approve on height selling around 25,000 duplicates a month of age TO AGE, her right AHEAD album sold about 35,000 a month, Sandy Patty marketed about half that, probably 10-12,000 a month, and Petra around 4-8000 duplicates a month. Whelchel"s album peaked in middling chart numbers and also then dropped out quickly.