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2008 - 2010
Leaked Multitracks
C Minor
Linkin Park - clues Of government Lauryn Hill - lost Ones infamous B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo troubles (feat. Puff daddy & Mase) big Daddy Kane - raw Public adversary - mine Uzi sweet A Ton Jay-Z - The Blueprint 2: The Gift and also The Curse
October 7, 2010
January 10, 2014
Linkin Park
Mike Shinoda, rick Rubin
Warner Bros.

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"When lock Come for Me" is a very hip-hop oriented track, and also is one of the few songs top top the album that features Mike Shinoda rapping. The track starts with a syncopated drum beat accompanied by an extremely dirty, distorted synth stabs before giving method to Shinoda"s rapping, whereby he recommendations Lauryn Hill"s "Lost Ones", well known B.I.G."s "Mo Money Mo Problems", big Daddy Kane"s "Raw", windy Enemy"s "My Uzi sweet A Ton", Jay-Z"s "The Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse", and Linkin Park"s own song indigenous Hybrid Theory, "Points the Authority". The wordless chorus that the song has the band doing gang vocals before Chester Bennington sings the bridge, add by some subtle electronics and a light, melodic guitar line. The corridor vocals also do the "hey! hey! hey! hey!" recurring chant transparent the song.

Brad speaks in Spanish near the finish of the song, something that is continued from "Empty Spaces". He says, "Escuchénme preste atención, escuchénme ahora, escuchénme ahora, escuchénme todos, escuchénme ahora mismo", which around translates to, "Listen come me pay attention, hear to me now, hear to me now, listen to me all, listen to me right now." In the promotion videos for A thousands Suns, Brad is watched trying a many of various instruments and this was one of the results. At this time, he started experimenting with various other sounds and playing very little guitar.

A part of the outro of the song was actually not done through the band, yet instead of produced by the winner that "The Catalyst" remix contest, NoBraiN, that was permitted to add one the the tracks on the album, v the alternatives being either "When they Come because that Me" or "Jornada Del Muerto". He was told the the parts he do didn"t necessarily need to make the album, since the band already had an creative vision for the tracks.<1> Ultimately, his contributions for "When they Come because that Me" make the cut, and also are present on the album. The official important version of "When castle Come for Me" has an earlier version that the tune without NoBrainN"s contribution to the outro, which contains the repeated swirling sound and also other programming. Top top Linkin Park"s physical setlists ~ above the A thousands Suns civilization Tour, Mike had actually a handwritten note alongside the track that said "NoBraiN Thing" to remind him to trigger those samples at the finish of the track.

Being the album"s most facility rhythmic track, the Pro devices session because that "When lock Come because that Me", comprised an ext than one hundreds tracks and took much more than a year and also a fifty percent to complete.<2> in ~ one time, the band taken into consideration making the track six or 7 minutes long.

In 2015, after Mike Shinoda revived Fort Minor, he mentioned "When they Come for Me" as an instance of a Linkin Park tune that had actually a lot of ft Minor elements.<3>

On September 14, 2020 while listening to the album on his stream, Mike stated that ""When lock Come for Me" was tough and also eluded united state for a small bit."<4>


A remix of "When they Come because that Me" through Diplo was offered in the game DJ Hero 2. The soundtrack was never ever officially released external of the game, for this reason the song received no main release.


Note: only the day of the very first release of each version is listed.


Brad Delson has actually said the "When castle Come because that Me" is among his favourite songs to perform live. The commented, "We have very eclectic arrangements the it’s nearly impossible just how to number playing them live. It needs a the majority of flexibility and also ingenuity. A favourite track would need to be once They Come native Me because here I gain to do drums, guitars and also sing a little bit. It certainly is a an obstacle performing the songs every time."<5>

"When lock Come for Me" was an initial performed in ~ the 2nd full display of the A thousand Suns cycle at Buenos Aires. The song is always played after "Empty Spaces", together it appeared on the album. Transparent 2010, "When they Come for Me" didn"t move around too much. In to adjust A-1, A-3, and the one-off Madrid show, it was played ~ "Faint", and in set B, B-1, and also B-9, it opened up the encore v "Empty Spaces". During the 2011 phibìc American tour, "When lock Come for Me", in addition to "Empty Spaces" was played in all 5 setlists. Collection A-1 had actually the tune after "Faint", just like in 2010. Set B-11, C-5, and also C-6 all had the song after "What I"ve Done", normally being performed with a long intro with Mike playing a keyboard change from "What I"ve Done" right into "Empty Spaces, and set B-13 had the track opening the encore v "Empty Spaces". That was likewise performed at the short, 3 tune setlist because that Saturday Night Live, being played ~ "Waiting for The End". "When castle Come for Me" didn"t move roughly much indigenous the phibìc American tour to the 2011 European and also Asian tours. To adjust A and also B had actually the tune after "What I"ve Done", collection C had the song opening the encore, collection D had actually the track after "New Divide", and set E and also the one-off Moscow setlist had the song after "Faint". This tour likewise brought around the just two mirrors where "When they Come because that Me" was dropped top top the whole A thousands Suns cycle. In ~ the Music because that Relief benefit show, "Empty Spaces" and also "When castle Come because that Me" were dropped in donate of "The Messenger", and the one-off setlist native Singapore didn"t have the songs, either, presumably due to Chester"s damaged arm.

"When they Come for Me" reverted for the Living things touring cycle during the Honda public Tour, and for the remainder of 2012. Collection B had actually the song after "Somewhere ns Belong", yet was dropped at the Woodlands show for "In mine Remains". Set C had "Empty Spaces" and also "When they Come for Me" ~ "In my Remains". When the band stopped playing set C after ~ Rio de Janeiro, "When they Come because that Me" to be dropped, and also didn"t return because that the rest of the cycle.

"When lock Come because that Me" to be performed when in January the 2014, at the headlining show in ras Vegas. It was played after "Lies Greed Misery". This was the last time the song was carry out live. The tape did practice "When lock Come for Me" for the Carnivores tourism in summer the 2014, though. It did not make the setlist, though.

Part that the track returned as soon as Mike brought back Fort minor in 2015. Starting at the show in Los Angeles, the first verse that the song was played together a part of "Believe Me".

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They complete version that the song returned in 2018 once Mike began the write-up Traumatic Tour. Initially, that performed a shortened version of the song, sampling Chester during the choruses and ending it prior to ending the track prior to the bridge. As soon as Dan Mayo and also Matt Harris join the tour, the full version that the track returned, through Mike performing a etc solo throughout the final chorus and also outro.


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