“Moth to A Flame” is the third solitary from Swedish residence Mafia’s third studio album sky Again.The solitary was an initial teased by The Weeknd ~ above his Instagram ~ above September 12,… review More 
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Oh-woahWoah-oh-ohWoahLike a moth to a flameI'll pull you in, ns pulled you back toWhat you need initiallyIt's simply one call awayAnd you'll leave him, you're loyal to meBut this time, i let girlfriend be'Cause that seems like he's great for youAnd he renders you feel choose you shouldAnd all your friends to speak he's the oneHis love because that you is trueBut does he understand you speak to me as soon as he sleeps?But walk he know the pictures that you keep?But go he recognize the reasons that you cry?Or tell me, go he understand where your heart lies?Where it truly lies
YeahYou need to be v him, i let you walk from timeYou must stay v him'Cause that seems favor he's great for youAnd he provides you feel like you shouldAnd all her friends speak he's the oneHis love for you is true (Hey)But does he know you contact me when he sleeps? (No, no)But go he know the pictures that girlfriend keep? (Oh)But walk he understand the factors that girlfriend cry?Or call me, go he know where your heart lies?Where it important liesRight right here with me, babeWhere it truly liesMy bed, babeWhere it truly liesIn my arms, babeWhere it truly liesWhere it important liesWhere it important lies(Hey)Where it important lies
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“Moth come A Flame” is the third single from Swedish home Mafia’s third studio album Paradise Again.

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The single was an initial teased by The Weeknd on his Instagram top top September 12, 2021.

Later, top top October 19, both The Weeknd and Swedish home Mafia mutual a clip to society media that sees The Weeknd in a dimly-lit room through a beanie and also a pair the sunglasses, when a snippet of the tune is played with the subtitle “this week”. In the end of the video, the location of the track was revealed.

Two days later, top top October 21, both artists mutual again a clip to social media the sees bodies laying around in a dark room and also then it cut to The Weeknd to sing a new snippet of the song.

It will certainly be premiered throughout the 20th illustration of the to apologize Music Radio present Memento Mori, usually held by Abel Tesfaye, who will be join by Swedish residence Mafia for this details episode. The episode is played on Thursday, October 21st.


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What have actually the artist said around the song?

Verified Commentary
Swedish home Mafia
via apologize Music
When girlfriend hear , it’s a blessing, you know? It’s no that hard to hear what you need to do , because he is so dynamic in the means he expresses self in a song. <…> It’s favor magic. You go to the studio and shot to figure it out and it simply happens. It’s hard to explain. But additionally he has actually a an extremely unique voice the really sounds great on the own, so us really had actually to store the music earlier a lot; us really had actually to make room for his voice. Ns think the was the crucial that previously on us understood. Like, if this is gonna work, we have to keep it stripped and also focus ~ above Abel’s voice.

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What set this tune apart from others the artist has actually made?

Verified Commentary
Swedish house Mafia
via to apologize Music
We’ve most likely heard <“Moth come A Flame”> 6,000 times, and also it still gets me. I was in the car on my way to the studio and I to be like… once you actually cry to your own music… it doesn’t occur with every song, however when it does, that’s like a mind-fudge, prefer a warp zone. I’m crying to a song favor somebody else made it, but actually it’s united state who made it. So it’s unreal. That an unreal feeling when you can attach with your own song even though did you do it heard that 10,000 times throughout the process, you have to be exhausted of it. Like, if that still provides you those emotions after 10,000 times, then maybe it’s good.

Is there a lyric video clip for this song?
Have Swedish house Mafia worked with The Weeknd before?
How go this song do on the charts?

Paradise Again (2022)
Swedish home Mafia
Moth come A Flame
Written By
Carl Nordström, Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso & The Weeknd
Video Post-Production
WGT A+M & Rascal Post
Video Post-Producer
Jai Durban & Sofia Misgena
Video Vfx Supervisor
Kalle Lundberg
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Dan Levy
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Andreas Arvidsson
Video makeup Artist
Christine Nelli
Video Hair Stylist
Darron Carr
Video Stylist Assistant
Breuanna Trask
Video Stylist
Matt Henson
Video an imaginative Direction
Lamar Taylor
Video Service
Epoch Films
Video executive, management Producer
Jacki Calleiro & Max Holmstrand
Video Stylist Artist
Malin Ummer, Pamela Norah & Robbie Spencer
Video Hair & makeup Artist
Elvira Brandt
Video Hair & Makeup
Moung “Kelly” Park & Soley Astudottir
Video 1st Assistant Director
Bashir Taylor & Daniel Malmen
Video set Designer
Evaline Huang & Simon Wallin
Video manufacturing Manager
Ida Larsson
Video director Of Photography
Erik Henriksson
Video Producer
Sheena Dolce, Adam Holmström, Andrea Gyllenskiöld & Joel Rostmark
Video Assistant Director
Ted Soderberg
Recording Engineer
Shin Kamiyama
Mixing Engineer
Mastering Engineer
Video Director
Alexander Wessely
Universal Music Group
Republic records & SSA Recording
Republic documents & universal Music Group
SSA Recording, Republic documents & global Music Group
Primary Artists
Swedish home Mafia & The Weeknd
The Weeknd
Release Date
October 22, 2021
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