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Let Me listen Your battle Cry is a video remix collection featuring looped scenes of civilization yelling in miscellaneous films and TV shows and also faces the BigSmile mannequins superimposed over the original characters.


YouTuber SpaceHopperCopter uploaded a video titled “Let me hear your battle cry” on august 15th, 2010 (shown below, left), i beg your pardon featured an edited clip that a step from the 1987 movie Full steel Jacket (shown below, right) with the heads of BigSmile<2>mannequins superimposed over the characters" faces and also background audio of human being yelling. Within three years, the video received end 2 million views, 12,400 up votes and also 13,500 comments.

The video description linked to image of the mannequin confront (shown below, left), the original animated GIF supplied in the video (shown below, right) and noted that the audio to be taken from 2 tracks off the album Ataxia by the tape Circus Devils.

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The YouTube viewership statistics for SpaceHopperCopter"s original upload have been disabled, for this reason the timeline neighboring its viral breakout mostly remains unknown. Top top October 30th, 2011, Creepypasta Forums<6> member Shintaka submitted a thread highlighting the SpaceHopperCopter YouTube video clip to the "Creepy Videos" sub-forum. On December 31st, YouTuber FreakinSatan uploaded a video featuring the exact same Circus Devil’s audio track, in addition to an edited clip that a scene from the 1997 romantic comedy film My best Friend"s Wedding. Within 2 years, the video clip accumulated over 13,000 views and 50 comments.

On February 1st, 2012, YouTuber iEristoff uploaded a 10 minute version of the initial SpaceHopperCopter video, receving end 121,000 views, 425 increase votes and also 400 comments within the next year. On august 25th, Redditor clashcow submitted a list of “creepy YouTube videos” come the /r/scaredshitless<1> subreddit, which had a attach to the SpaceHopperCopter YouTube upload. In addition, the video clip has been additionally circulating ~ above Tumblr under the tag "let me listen your war cry"<7> and also "weird part of YouTube."<8>