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Book description

Understand and also implement classic data structures and also algorithms making use of JavaScript

In Detail

A data structure is a particular means of organizing data in a computer system to utilize sources efficiently. Data structures and algorithms space the basic of every solution to any type of programming problem.

This book begins by spanning the basics of the JavaScript language and also then moves on to talk about the most necessary data frameworks such together array, queue, stack, and also linked list. You will also gain an comprehensive knowledge of just how hash tables and set data structure function. After ~ this, you will be teach what tree are, and also how to usage the binary tree and the binary search tree.

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In succeeding chapters, you will learn about graphs, DFS, and also BFS. Finally, we will certainly round turn off by learning how to differentiate in between various searching and also sorting algorithms such as sequential search, binary search, fast sort, balloon sort, and so on, and also how to implement them. Towards the end of the book, friend will likewise be presented to dynamic programming.

What You will certainly Learn

Declare, initialize, add, and remove items native arrays, stacks, and also queuesCreate and use the most complex data structure, graphs, together with DFS and also BFS algorithmsGrasp the power of connected lists, doubly attached lists, and circular connected listsStore unique facets with hash tables, dictionaries, and setsExplore the applications that binary trees and also binary find treesSort data structures using bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, merge sort, and also quick sortSearch aspects in data structures using sequential sort and also binary searchUnderstand the importance of big O notation, dynamic programming, and greedy algorithms
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Table the contents

discovering JavaScript Data Structures and also Algorithms www.PacktPub.com assistance files, eBooks, discount offers, and more Preface Customer support 1. JavaScript – A quick Overview setting up the setting JavaScript basics Variables manage structures 2. Arrays references for JavaScript variety methods Searching and also sorting 3. Stacks producing a ridge The finish Stack class 4. Queue creating a queue 5. Linked Lists producing a linked list Implementing other techniques Doubly attached lists 6. Sets developing a collection collection operations 7. Dictionaries and Hashes dictionaries developing a dictionary The hash table managing collisions between hash tables separate chaining straight probing 8. Tree Binary tree and also binary search tree Tree traversal looking for values in a tree removed a node 9. Graphs Graph terminology Representing a graph Graph traversals Breadth-first find (BFS) Depth-first search (DFS) 10. Sorting and Searching Algorithms Sorting algorithms Bubble type rapid sort searching algorithms
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