HBO’s best Sunday night display returns in 2017, as well as the much-awaited 4th season that its smash fight comedy. Then there’s also the return the “Last mainly Tonight through John Oliver.”

Anew promo for Season 4 that thenews program has been released, which features a few familiar sets and also faces. The trailer begins by showing the “Game the Throne’s” iron Throne, through Oliver thinking that the announcer is talking about his program before realizing that heisn’t.

The same thing happens as soon as the announcer talks about “Silicon Valley” untilKumail Nanjiani reminds Oliverthat the voiceover is talking around his show. The promo likewise points out the “long-awaited return the the HBO present everyone’s been wait for,” v “Curb your Enthusiasm” star Larry David running right into Oliver.

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Returning weeks after ~ Inauguration Day, john Oliver will proceed to examine the Trump project and, as formerly indicated, will shot and take a more proactive tone this year. The host concluded his third season earlier in November after the election, urging civilization to donate to establishments in desperate need of funding, and dubbing the episode “I believed I wanted It to more than But now That It’s Over ns Wish It to be Still walk On due to the fact that It transforms Out the finishing is also Worse Twenty-F*cking-Sixteen.”

Season 4 that “Last week Tonight v John Oliver” return on Sunday, February 12 top top HBO. Examine out the hilarious promo below.

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