For me yesterday"s perfect moment needs to be the one as soon as Suhana walked under the stairs holding she father"s hand and also Sona to be looking at them happily. Sona was content.

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This was something Suhana missed for the 6 initial year of she life... It was no that Suhana was no happy. She was more than happy with her mother and also the totality Bose family... But additionally missed being v her father. But it was all about the circumstances around.
Today she has actually her father approximately her... He"s taking treatment of his princess through all his heart.. He"s taking care of everything about her together with Sonakshi. Suhana"s parents love she the most and this love is binding them come come together as a unit for your daughter.
The minute when Dev arrived with Suhana and also Sona looked in ~ them contents was so cursed beautiful.. It to be a finish family moment. Sona is happy spring at her daughter"s happiness. Today Suhana is acquiring what has actually missed for every these years. Priceless moment for me.
Perfect... Simply Perfect.




2nd when a guest inquiry Dev even if it is he made Suhana stay the saree that said: Nahi... Key to sirf kharidkar laaya hun. Pehni toh usne khud hai.. Infact sab kuch khud kiya hai... Uski Maa Ne use Independent banaya hai.
(Dev has been constantly proud that the way Sona has raised Suhana... 1st when that told her mother, bilkul choti Sonakshi hai.. That looked so damn happy to let his family members know, his daughter is precisely like her mother... The method he constantly gets happy anytime Suhana tell the something her mother has actually taught her. )
Totally agree... For me additionally that to be THE moment yesterday!! see the father and the daughter walking down the stairs and the mother simply looking at them contently
Hi Jyoti. What a excellent post. Yes the scene merged with BGM was spectacular. The expression of satisfaction in both Dev and also Sonas challenge was sublime come watch. And yes the dad daughter jodi looked so adorable. I have actually watched the scene in loop some thousand time now.

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