About No Flockin

"No Flockin" is a single by American hip hop recording artist Kodak Black. The song, a rap freestyle over an instrumental of the same name produced by VinnyxProd, eventually peaked at 95 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in January 2017. The song was initially released on July 27, 2014, on Kodak Black"s official YouTube account, before being released on iTunes on July 6, 2015, by Dollaz N Dealz Entertainment, Sniper Gang and Atlantic Records. Kodak"s flow on the song was sampled in "Bodak Yellow" by American rapper Cardi B, which was released in June 2017. The song would go on to top the Billboard Hot 100 in late September 2017.more »

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Damn, that"s so sadK-K-K, K-K-KYoung nigga, I got old cash, spazzin" on they assI got Prada on my ho ass, got my last one madPop a nigga like a damn tag, shoppin" on they assI just bought a new old Jag", yeah, it"s so fastSmokin" Flocka, you a jackass, all I smoke is gasDon"t you ask me where the pole at, where yo" clothes at?I ain"t talkin" "bout my niggas, damnit, but y"all trippin" tooIs it you? Damn, my nigga what the hell got into you?Project Baby, y"all was skippin" in the hallway, I was skippin" schoolOn my Ps and Qs, on them jiggas, call me jiggabooBleedin" concrete, bet you niggas won"t come "cross the streetPardon me, I don"t talk to you, so don"t you talk to meI ain"t dissin" on nobody beat, I"m vibin" on the beatHonestly, I"m just tryna be, I just gotta beTryna get over on anythin", they tellin" lies to meI spent five on my pinky ring, she love my diamond ringAnyway, I"m married to the game, she said her vows to meI ain"t gettin" on my knees, bae, you bow down to meYou go down for me, you lay down and do the time for meSorry boo, yeah, I lie to you, but don"t you lie to meIt"s Lil" Kodak, the finesse kid, boy, who hot as me?Told the doctor, "I"m a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli"I will run around your whole board like MonopolyOl" boy, you"s a broke boy, Flocka"s got you beatChocolate, call me Reese"s, can"t catch me without the pieceC"est la vie, I"m ten toes down, you fallin" off your feetI will trick your ass for a treat, call it HalloweenYeah that money"s what I play for, call it lotteryGoddamn, you"s a clown to me, you"s a clown to meYou can"t smoke no Black & Milds with me, get in the car with meYou a funny guy, don"t you even joke around with meHow could it be? Get from "round a G, you grounded from meI"m a freeband junkie, you a junkieYou gettin" skinny, I"m gettin" chunky, I"m gettin" moneyWant some food? Boy, you hungry, I want them hunnids, hunnids

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Kodak Black Bill K. Kapri (born Dieuson Octave; June 11, 1997) is an American rapper better known by his stage name Kodak Black.

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He is noted for his singles "Roll in Peace", "Tunnel Vision", and "No Flockin", as well as his numerous legal issues. more »