A: available from within Killing Floor 2, the trade Floor allows players buy in-game items utilizing funds in their heavy steam Wallets.

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Q: what’s a heavy steam Wallet

A: it’s a heavy steam thing the holds funds because that you. Find an ext information around the vapor Wallet here.

Q: are store items priced in points or some various other strange currency?

A: No, the vapor Wallet provides the same real-world currencies vapor currently supports. Every the items in the trading Floor room all priced in yes, really money.

Q: can I trade or handmade items I"ve to buy or found during gameplay?

A: Players can trade most items in the commerce Floor Zed-conomy. Players deserve to also break down most items right into crafting material that castle can integrate to craft new items. Details about how do works have the right to be checked out here. Master-Crafted items can be crafted yet not recycled.

Q: will certainly you market Tripwire-crafted items? What about community-made items?

A: us will offer both. Additionally, ar contributors will obtain a percent of sales on item they’ve created! You deserve to read details about that on the killing Floor 2 steam Workshop about page.


Q: does this mean cost-free updates space over? space you going to protect against releasing cost-free content?

A: No, our plan is to proceed updating death Floor 2 for years come come simply as we did for Killing Floor 1. We will continue to add new perks, brand-new maps, brand-new zeds, and also other content for free. Just similar to the DLC in the an initial game, the money make on these items goes in the direction of creating new (free) content, events, and whatever else we deserve to dream up because that you!

Q: execute weapon skins adjust stats of a weapon?

A: No, they room purely cosmetic.

Q: Why did you market cosmetic content in beforehand Access?

A: We view the commerce Floor as a attribute that essential iteration as with the remainder of the functions in the game. Early access was the perfect location to iterate ~ above the commerce Floor feature with the community.

Q: am I required to take part in the trading Floor Zed-conomy?

A: No, this function is fully optional and you have the right to play death Floor 2 while fully ignoring it. Friend will, however, receive complimentary item drops throughout gameplay that you can use, trade, or sell. Or totally ignore.

Q: will Killing Floor 2 become totally free to play?

A: we don’t have any type of current plan to take Killing Floor 2 totally free to play. Just like KF1, our setup is because that the trading Floor to fund future complimentary content and also seasonal events that will certainly be easily accessible to every players because that years come come.

Q: What is the article rarity breakdown?

A: cosmetics items and also weapons skins come in six qualities of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Exceptional, grasp Crafted, and also Precious. Weapon skin are further modified by your wear condition: Mint, Field-Tested, and Battle Scarred. Totally free item drops earned in video game will be cosmetics items and also weapons skin that are among the an initial five grades of rarity. The sixth rarity grade is only obtainable by opened a Horzine supply Crate or one Encrypted Weapon Skin USB.

Q: will all items in the Zed-Conomy drop for free?

A: No, some items will just be accessible from opened crates and Encrypted Weapon Skin USBs. Also, part items will just drop for free and not be uncovered in crates. Finally, part items will certainly be easily accessible from the in-game store that will not drop for complimentary or it is in in a crate.

Q: room there consumable items that temporarily boost a stat or perk experience gain?

A: No, there space not currently any type of items the will an increase stats or perk suffer gain. We will be listening come player feedback on whether they would choose a feature like this.

Q: will I have to spend money to stay competitive?

A: No, every one of the content added in trade Floor at launch will certainly be cosmetics only and not affect gameplay in any kind of way. In the future, we may add weapons with brand-new gameplay because that sale, but this will show up in the “Shared Content” area ~ above the server. This method that if any player top top the server has a unique weapon, prefer the Chivalry Zweihander some players right now have, then every player top top the server will have the ability to use it. No-one gets any “advantage.” KF2 is a co-op game - anyone starts out equal! Our score is for any such tools to be “side-grades” for this reason they won’t administer an edge end the core weapons.


Q: Is modding dead?

A: No, we constantly have and always will completely support modding. Us are likewise providing a mod-based workshop to aid players conveniently upload and subscribe to your favorite mods.

Q: What space the differences in between the curated heavy steam Workshop and also modding subscribed steam Workshop?

A: The preserve workshop is one area whereby players have the right to upload contents they have created and also vote for contents they like, the best of which will be officially incorporated into KF2 by Tripwire and added to the game customer for everyone.

The subscription-based modding workshop works exactly like the workshop from the original Killing Floor. It enables players to upload mods and maps easily and also players can then i ordered it to mods independent of Tripwire. Players deserve to search and also download mods and also maps easily. Servers can likewise subscribe come mods and also maps, and also be instantly updated as soon as the server alters maps.

Q: What form of mods space not permitted?


Q: will I be able to trade items?

A: Yes, part items will be tradeable top top the heavy steam Community.

Q: room all items tradeable?

A: You have the right to trade items you uncover during gameplay, attain by opening a Horzine it is provided Crate (wearable cosmetic accessories), or obtain by decrypting a USB stick (weapon skin blueprints). Friend can likewise trade item purchased native the commerce Floor In-Game Store, however there may be special items later that will not it is in tradeable. The item you attain through completing the in video game tutorial are not tradeable.

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Q: What around crossover content?

A: part crossover contents is easily accessible by either owning the video game that the crossover is with or by owning the Digital Deluxe variation of the game. In this case any type of gameplay content is shareable through anybody on the server. In some other situations the contents is limited to cosmetics items only. In this situation the items derived by owning the contents is not shareable or tradeable. However variants that those items might be made available via the Zed-conomy and Trading Floor solution as well.