Every beauty lover has discovered themselves staring in ~ Kat Von D’s makeup aisle in Sephora, a dreamy look at on your faces and also hands reaching their wallet, at the very least once in their lives.

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And honestly, i can’t reprimand you! KVD commodities are several of the best out there, v an amazing range and lots of quality on your backs.

The company launched 10 years earlier and keeps pumping the end best-selling products both in Sephora and also on their website; and also they don’t arrangement on retiring!

Taking a rapid look at she aisle in Sephora, you can’t assist but notification the substantial color variety of she “Everlasting fluid Lipsticks”, which include 55 different shades. One of the most renowned is certainly “Bow n Arrow”, marketed on the website as a ‘fawn nude’. That probably caught your attention, too!

Beautifully pigmented and long-lasting? authorize me up! …Wait, 22$? Umm…

Yes, those commodities are an extremely high quality, yet 22$…

Fear not, other beauty lovers: ns may have a dupe for y’all.

NYX Cosmetics is a fairly popular pharmacy brand mostly recognized for their assorted lipstick collections, and also today we are going to put one of them come the test.

In the “Liquid Suede” collection we find the the shade “Sandstorm”, that rather resemble KVD’s well-known “Bow n Arrow”: is it really a dupe?

Let’s discover out!


Bow n Arrow

22$22 fl. Oz (6.6 ml)12 months shelf lifeFawn nudeMatte finish


7$13 fl. Oz (4 ml)6 month shelf lifeTrue nudeCreamy velvet finish



Sure, the stained bottle is nothing original, but the type of “starry” design at the peak of the wand are certainly a pretty touch.

The actual party is a lot thicker 보다 Kat’s, but is about the same size as most liquid lipsticks out there. Shade’s name and also ingredients space printed straight onto the sides.

If I discover the Everlasting liquid Lipstick applicator come be just ok, i absolutely love this one!

It is no too long (which, once again, does not bother me), and is maybe to relocate around and also follow the actual shape of her lips because that the many comfortable application.


Before jumping in, I simply wanted to suggest out the unlike Kat’s, NYX liquid Suede room not appropriate ‘liquid lipsticks’, however ‘cream fluid lipsticks’. They still dry down, however it will certainly take them a many longer and won’t have actually the matte finish that liquid lipsticks room able to give you.

Both service providers are cruelty-free (KVD products are likewise vegan) and also the lipsticks share the adhering to ingredients:

IsodecaneRed 6Red 7Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090)Iron Oxides (CI 77491, 77492, 77499)Red 28 Lake (CI 45410)

The Everlasting liquid Lipsticks are formulated there is no parabens.

You can find the finish lists of ingredient on cosdna.com and nyxcosmetics.com.


Up: KVD Bow n ArrowDown: NYX Sandstorm


Is NYX’s “Sandstorm” a true dupe because that KVD’s “Bow n Arrow”? I do think so!

One thing worth keeping in psychic is the we room comparing two different formulations that have actually in typical mostly pigments and also not ingredient that can mess v their texture.

The Everlasting’s formula is designed to dry under to a full matte and also long lasting finish, if the fluid Suede’s formula gives much more of a velvety complete that is quiet quite long lasting. They dry under as well, but it takes castle a lot an ext time.

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You understand the deal: save spending her money just how you want!

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