K.Flay, as a die-cut silhouette, flickers between monochromatic extremes. Click. On the following channel, a pixelated K.Flay violently whips her hair and scatters into a thousands re-grouping particles. Click. Now, a shrunken K.Flay, distorted and also blurry, increase from the solitary confinement of a tv set, together rebellious and indomitable as ever. It’s an appropriate visual for an artist ideal known because that defying the creativity-killing compulsion to color within the lines. For genre-bending K.Flay, compartmentalization is suffocation. Definition equates to destruction.

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“Make Me Fade” is among the darkest tracks on K.Flay’s Life together A Dog, her debut album that shot up to no. 14 on the Billboard rap Chart and also to no. 2 ~ above the Heatseekers chart this past summer. At first listen, “Make Me Fade” sounds like a begrudging love tune to addiction, it’s lethargic to win constantly battling self-destruction in a sonic mirroring the its defeatist lyrics. But for K.Flay (aka Kristine Flaherty), one definition is never enough: “I proactively wanted to make it not just around , and to be around this idea of wait for a person. So lot that we seek out in life -and this could be a relationship, it can be heroin- we sort of look for out in order to street ourselves indigenous reality. We want to be comfortably numb in whatever circumstance permits us come be that way.” In effect, we desire to be in two locations at once: with ourselves and away indigenous ourselves.

K.Flay is fascinated through duality. Her lyrics room riddled with homonyms. The title of she album could simply as easily be one ode come the put down or a celebration of the heavy independent, and also she’d guarantee you either interpretation is correct. Even the bodysuit-wearing specter of static in the video clip carries a double-meaning: because that a perpetually hustling performer prefer K.Flay, becoming static (a synonym for idle in this case) is a seductive and dangerous danger to her forward momentum.

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When occurring the music video clip with manager Ben fee (who formerly collaborated on K.Flay’s “Rawks”), duality was put front and also center: “We to be talking about this idea of connecting two different realities: the physics world and also something that was manipulated, broken down and disintegrated.”

For intuitive inspiration, she and also Fee started with the artwork from the single: a straightforward photo that K.Flay pull on in black and also concealed within a white paper (see below). “We really want to carry out something largely monochromatic, distinguishable and very high contrast, that additionally had that energy and the feeling of relocating sheets and also moving bodies.” Then, using just a hacked Xbox Kinect and the aid of a couple computer gurus, they started building the digital double-world of “Make Me Fade”. The ever-present duality reveals itself again in Fee’s layering the visual results that at when feel both modern and primitive. The video clip recalls pioneering functions of computer generated characters, native the likes of Max Headroom, Tron and Lawnmower Man, where the target was never ever to blend their realities seamlessly into our own, however rather highlight their otherworldly differences.

It’s a fitting format for K.Flay, who has actually grown comfortable standing the end from the crowd. This indie ethos permeates the video, and it’s miscellaneous she’s deservedly proud about. “Having the DIY main point to exactly how it was made, that feels yes, really good.”Catch K.Flay top top tour:10/23 – Washington, DC – absent & roll Hotel10/24 – Chapel Hill, NC – neighborhood 50610/25 – Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn10/26 – Nashville, TN – 12th and Porter10/27 – Asheville, NC – The Mill Room10/30 – Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s10/31 – Dallas, TX – society Dada11/1 – Austin, TX – The Mohawk11/6 – mountain Francisco, CA – Brick & MortarFind K.Flay on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook


In enhancement to premiering this video, rwcchristchurchappeal.com had actually the an excellent pleasure of interviewing K.Flay. Indigenous head-banging approaches to mid-century publication publishers, no topic do it the end alive. Come back tomorrow (Friday 24th) for part II of ours exclusive K.Flay coverage!