employee certified in CPR & pet very first aid oversee & game pooches romping in water park or relaxing on plushy couches & dog beds.

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Thank you because that the many-many times you have taken and also loved Kennedy. You space wonderful and Vegas is lucky to have actually you as an option.
Very friendly and caring staff. Mine border collie love his 4-night stay! and also we to be constantly reassured the his safety and also well being v the live video clip feed we were maybe to inspect online at anytime! we would absolutely recommend this ar to ours friends!
The world that work there yes, really care around your dog! They obtain down ~ above the floor and greet them, it"s all about the dogs! ns have already taken my dogs ago twice, your tails are wagging as quickly as they check out the employees, that was all I essential to see to see to know that castle were fine taken care of.Linda
Great Deal! simply make certain you tell castle at examine in you have actually a rwcchristchurchappeal.com. Otherwise castle will execute the nail trim and also charge you. I will buy the again.

About This Deal

Pets, like children, require proper care and also attention to ensure they don"t obtain bored and also bite the mailman. Pamper furry ankle biters with today"s rwcchristchurchappeal.com to as with Home Doggie Hotel and also Grooming. Choose between the complying with options:

For $40, you get a boarding parcel (up to a $105 total value). The package has the following: 2 nights of boarding (a $30 worth each). A bath and also brush for one dog (up come a $45 value).

For $27, you gain three work of daycare for one dog (a $54 value).

Just favor Home"s owner Pam and Tracey coddle canines with expert grooming, vitality exercise, and consistent companionship. During daycare, pups dash around in a grassy, fenced-in half-acre yard, complete with waterspouts, sprinklers, spraying fire hydrants, and listless postal workers. Pet first-aid- and CPR-certified handlers supervise hobnobbing hounds, or ensure that they beat solo, follow to the wishes of your owners. Guests may drop off or choose up your dogs in ~ daycare anytime in between 7 a.m. And 7 p.m.

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Overnight boarding sends out pups turn off to a canine slumber party amid just like Home"s plush, pillowy sofas, massive dog beds, televisions, and overflowing chest of chewable toys, which happiness man"s ideal friend favor an autographed headshot of Clifford. Lonely owners store in touch with canines through the hotel"s net camera, which grants streaming access to pooches, who return house with freshly dazzling coats indigenous baths and brushing. Guest may examine in in between 7 a.m. And also 8 p.m. Top top the drop-off day, but checkout time is noon; checkouts after noon until 7 p.m. Will certainly be fee an $18 fee, while check outs ~ 7 p.m. Will be charged $30.

Dogs need to pass a actions evaluation before day camp or boarding.

Fine Print

Promotional value expires Mar 5, 2012. Amount paid never ever expires. Limit 2/person, may buy 1 addl together a gift. Border 2/visit. Valid just for option purchased. Reserv reqd; subj to avail. Need to sign waiver. Dogs must have existing shots, it is in spayed/neutered, & be social for boarding/daycare option. Dogs should pass habits evaluation; non-candidates will certainly be refunded. Not valid 1 wk former or 1 wk after 11/27 & 12/25. Might redeem throughout visits. Merchant is specifically responsible come purchasers because that the care and quality of the advertised goods and services.

around Just Like house Doggie Hotel and also Grooming

After canceling a vacation due to the fact that no one could treatment for your beloved Saint Bernards, the owners of as with Home Doggie Hotel and Grooming decided to assist fellow pet owners by developing a friendly, open setting for dog to stay while their human being are away. Top top entering the 2,800-square-foot facility, one may need to step over a sleeping mutt or two, together the cage-free an are lets dogs come and go as they please. Couches nestled under sunny windows provide comfy areas to nap, and a half-acre grassy pat yard offers a an are for gamings of Red Rover. During especially warm days, dogs can cool turn off in the bone-shaped splash park that features waterspouts, waterfalls, purposefully leaky fire hydrants, and shallow pools perfect because that canine cannonballs. ~ tangling their fur during rambunctious romps outside, the facility"s groomers have the right to make over manes with various grooming solutions performed in a cage-free environment.