In Jurassic human being Evolution 2, it"s feasible to overcrowd a park through dinosaurs, however this deserve to be counter if the player knows exactly how to sell them.

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Jurassic world Evolution 2 Brachiosaurus
Jurassic people Evolution 2 is a park builder. Favor in most park builders, the player no only needs to make a good environment for their attractions, the dinosaurs, however they also have come worry about their version of Jurassic World preserving appeal and transforming a profit.

like in the movies, Jurassic human being Evolution 2's dinosaurs aren't just static tourist attractions. They're living creatures, and players must spend resources to keep their park visitors safe and their dinosaurs happy.

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It's feasible for players to have actually too plenty of dinosaurs. It have the right to be expensive to save them every well fed and also tended to, or complicated to keep some of Jurassic human being Evolution 2's dinosaurs fine enclosed in a overfilled park. If that's the case, the player have the right to sell a dinosaur to ease their operation costs and get a return on investment.

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Jurassic people Evolution 2 Coelophysis

marketing Dinosaurs in Jurassic people Evolution 2

offering dinosaurs is no an intuitive process. There's no ever-present sell switch that the player can access at any kind of time. A couple of pre-conditions have to be met first.

First, the player needs to have actually an legacy Containment Unit ready, which method building one ACU center. Castle should be able to build one an extremely early on, however they have the right to be upgraded via Jurassic people Evolution 2's study system. The an ext it's upgraded, the much easier the next component of the procedure will be.

Next, the player requirements to select one ACU helicopter and also give it a job to tranquilize the dinosaur they great to sell. It have to take 2 to 3 tranquilizer darts to knock a big dinosaur out. The tranquilizer gun's reload speed and also accuracy deserve to improve with ACU structure upgrades.

once again, the player return to the ACU building, this time picking a move team and pointing them to the freshly tranquilized dinosaur. One of the options available after clicking the dinosaur should be a "Sell" button.

Selling is a irreversible action, and this is the last possibility for the player to earlier out indigenous the offer. The game will present the going price because that the dinosaur, and ask the player if they want to go v with it. They have to make certain they're not selling their star attraction prior to agreeing.

If the player doesn't want to worry about profits and selling, they can stick come Jurassic world Evolution 2's sandbox mode, whereby money isn't one issue. That being said, the steps detailed above are still advantageous to learn, since tranquilizing dinosaurs has multiple provides in-game.

Jurassic world Evolution 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S.

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