I was on summer holidays in elementary school once Disney"s Smart house premiered ~ above June 26, 1999, and to say ns was excited about it is a enormous understatement. Top top the off opportunity that you"ve forgotten what the movie was, clever House complies with the life that a young teen, Ben Cooper (aka Ryan Merriman, Ian indigenous Pretty little Liarsand the star of lucky of the Irish), after he wins a fully automated home in a contest and moves in v his small sister, Angie, and their solitary dad. Obviously, hijinks ensue, together is the case in any type of Disney movie precious its salt, as soon as the house"s automated computer system system, Pat, starts to rotate on them.

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Of Disney Channel"s two-plus decades" worth of original movies, Smart house ranks near the top, i beg your pardon is no tiny feat once you protect against to think about that there room three Zenon movies and all of them room amazing. The movie is just that good, many thanks to its great cast, entertaining antics, and also Her-like plot, and it deserves to be viewed by everyone, no matter how numerous years have actually passed since its debut. Below are 11 large reasons why you have to be re-watching Smart residence right now.

1. The Predicted Today"s Technology

It"s true: smart dwellings are a actual thing now. Oh, and also tech-related privacy issues? absolutely a thing. This movie basically predicted the future.

2. This dance Sequence Is beyond Words

"Hey, Pat, how "bout activating part kick-butt video clip screens?"

3. It brought This Classic, "Slam Dunk Da Funk," come Life

20 secs of epicness. Below it is ~ above a loop — you"re welcome.

5. And Even B*Witched"s "C"est La Vie"

"Excuse me? stroked nerves Spice? could you please store it down in here?"

7. There Are solid Elements that Feminism

Smart residence deals with worries revolving roughly motherhood, women in the workforce, and also the patriarchy. Pretty damn cool.

8. The computer system Engineer/Inventor Is Female

This movie was very progressive because that its time.

9. It had The most Epic and also Practical Smoothie-Cleaning instance Ever

I require a self-cleaning apartment, now.

10. And also A Nutritional analysis Feature that Sounds Ridiculously Cool

"Her atmospheric kitchen sensors plot as immediate breathalyzers and breakdown your whole diet." no sure how that works, tbh, but it sounds prefer something every home needs.

11. Ben Cooper acquired Pretty Cute

Ben is a completely acceptable contemporary Disney crush. Let"s watch you shot and perform that, Johnny Tsunami.

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When this movie come out, her cellphone (if you also had one in 1999) still had actually Snake ~ above it. Modern technology may have actually changed, but there"s no denying that Smart House has actually stayed among Disney"s coolest movies of every time.