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How I got overHow i made that overMy spirit looks earlier and wonderHow ns made that overTell me exactly how I obtained overHad a mighty hard time comes on overMy heart looks earlier and wonderHow i made the overVerse 1:Soon as I can see JesusThe guy that passed away for meThe guy that bled and sufferedHe held on CavalryI'm gonna thank Him for exactly how He lugged meI'm gonna give thanks to God for exactly how He taught meGonna give thanks to my God, how He maintained meI'm gonna thank Him ‘cause He never left meI'm gonna say thanks to Him for heartfelt religionI'm gonna give thanks to Him for giving me a visionI'ma sign up with on the Heavenly choirI'm gonna shout and also never obtain tired
Bridge:I’m gonna to song somewhere 'round the altarI'ma shout all my troubles emperor we've gained to give thanks to you!Thank God for being so good to me!Verse 2:I’m gonna to wear a diademIn that new JerusalemI'm gonna come walk the highways of goldIn the homeland of the soulI'm gonna check out the organize in white, LordThey've been travelin' day and also nightComing up from every nationOn their means to the an excellent coronationComing native the North, South, East, and also WestThey're top top their method to a floor of restWe gon' sign up with on the Heavenly choirThen I'm gonna shout! Never gain tired
Then I'm gonna sing, what 'round the altarI'ma shout every my troubles overLord, us gotta thank God!Thank God for being so great to me!I wanna say thanks to Him this eveningI wanna thank God this morningYou know all, every night longGod maintained His angel watching end meEarly this morning, beforehand this morningGod told His angelGod said, "Touch her! In my name!"God said, "Touch her! In mine name!"And I rose this morning, I increased this morningI increased this morning, I rose this morningI rose this morning, and now ns feelI feel prefer shouting, choose shoutingLike singing, choose runningLike shouting choose singingLike singing, ns wanna give thanks to GodI wanna give thanks to God, I involved thank HimDo you pertained to thank God?I involved thank GodI come to thank GodI wanna say thanks to Him
For mine mother, i wanna thank GodFor mine father, i wanna thank HimFor mine sister, i wanna give thanks to GodFor mine brother, I concerned thank GodI pertained to thank HimI wanna say thanks to God because that beingGod's been so an excellent to me

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