Nearly 30 years have passed because Pope john Paul II come in Denver and also in a prophetic word, destined the to it is in the facility of the new Evangelization. Amongst the numerous fruits of world Youth Day, the Archdiocese of Denver currently welcomes its recent — St. Man Paul the good Catholic High School. 

The brand-new high college is Catholic, independent and also co-ed. The classically motivated curriculum will certainly be academically rigorous, particularly in the locations of math and science. A robust sports program will accompany development in the good arts, adventure in the backcountry, and future avenues for pilgrimage.

Located adjacent to ours Lady that Lourdes Catholic Church, the high school has been established in Denver’s old Rosedale elementary School. Renovations room underway, v Phase I building and construction to be completed by the late spring. That is inaugural year, 2022-2023, will certainly welcome ninth and also tenth class students, until the school reaches its capacity of grades 9-12 in ~ 440 students. The college is, the course, open up to every students and also their family members throughout Denver and surrounding areas.

But is another Catholic high school really necessary? The john Paul the an excellent team believes so. Ideological forces have radically changed the current state of education and learning — and a brand-new response of durable Catholicity is required. Furthermore, young households have recurring the same request: a formation in Catholic orthodoxy that, while being resilient and also uncompromising, is at the very same time joyful, Marian and also mission-oriented. For this purpose, man Paul the good recommits come the main work of human formation — the presupposition of true orthodoxy — the fruit of i beg your pardon is always a society of joy. Listening the contact of Archbishop Aquila to relocate from the maintain of Christendom and also into apostolic mission, this brand-new high college is, in numerous respects, the first-born school of his apostolic mandate. 

St. Man Paul the great will be situated in the Rosedale ar in Denver, surrounding to ours Lady the Lourdes Catholic School. The vacant Rosedale High college is gift renovated and will offer as St. Man Paul the Great’s main campus. (Photo provided)

“Given the good mission that parents have actually in increasing up saints,” says Rosemary Vander Weele, major of our Lady that Lourdes Catholic School and board member come the high school, “St. John Paul the great exists to support family members in giving a high college experience full of delight that will type young men and also women who will lug the reality of Christ to the culture.”

St. John Paul the an excellent Catholic High school was born indigenous the prayer and dialogue that a neighborhood of educators, priests, and benefactors. Specifics the vision that the school has actually been emerged by leaders in classical education in close teamwork with members the the Companions that Christ. The latter, a community of diocesan priests started in Denver in 2007, desire to serve not just as sacramental chaplains yet as teachers in the classroom and also fathers come the community. V their mutual mission, they contribute in a unique means to the evangelization the the students and the cultivation of vocations.  

Pope john Paul II’s vision that holiness captivated the world because it was authentically human. This brand-new high school exists to offer young human being the person experience of life in Christ, patterned ~ our good model and also patron. When education and learning is centered on the Incarnation, then the job of human development becomes the decisive task for a vivid orthodoxy in a post-Christian age. 

It is come this vision — and all the helpful questions that accompany the — that all are invited come learn an ext by attending our upcoming Open house on Oct. 30 at 1:30 p.m., in the gym of our Lady that Lourdes Catholic college (2256 S.

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Logan Street, Denver). For much more information or to it is registered for the event, visit