Throwback to Jay-Z’s “4:44” piece of music created by JAY-Z & No I.D. Clock the video, listen, stream, check out the lyrics, purchase the song.

Jay Z 444

4:44 is the thirteenth studio album by American rapper Jay-Z. It was released ~ above June 30, 2017, through Roc Nation as an exclusive to Sprint and Tidal customers. The album is the very first in a planned series of music exclusives indigenous the Sprint–Tidal partnership. Because that a short time, ~ above July 2, the album was made available for free digital download in Tidal’s site. A physics edition to be released on July 7, including three additional tracks. Top top the exact same day, the album was made easily accessible to other streaming platforms, together as Apple Music, Google beat Music and Amazon Music.

Jay-Z – 4:44 (prod. JAY-Z & No I.D.)

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Do I find it for this reason hardWhen I understand in my heartI’m letting you under every dayLetting you down every dayWhy execute I keep on running away?

Look, i apologize, often womanizeTook because that my boy to it is in born, see v a woman’s eyesTook because that these herbal twins to think in miraclesTook me too long for this song, i don’t worthy youI harassed you out in Paris“Please come ago to Rome, you make it home”We speak for hrs when you to be on tour“Please choose up the phone, pick up the phone!”I said: “Don’t embarrass me” instead of “Be mine”That to be my proposal for united state to walk steadyThat was your 21st birthdayYou matured faster than me, ns wasn’t readySo ns apologizeI viewed the innocence leave her eyesI still mourn its death andI apples for every the stillborns‘Cause ns wasn’t present, her body wouldn’t expropriate itI apologize to every the ladies whom i toyed v your emotions‘Cause ns was emotionlessAnd i apologize ’cause at your best, you are loveAnd because I fall short of what ns say I’m all aboutYour eyes leave v the heart that your body as soon as housedAnd you rigid blankly into spaceThinkin’ of all the time, friend wasted it on all this straightforward shitSo ns apologize

I’m never gonna act youI’m never gonna act you like I shouldOh

I apologizeOur love was one for the ages and I included usAnd every this ratchet shit and also we more expansiveNot expected to cry and die alone in these mansionsOr sleep v our earlier turnedWe supposed to vacay ’til ours backs burnWe’re supposed to laugh ’til our heart stopsAnd then accomplish in a space where the dark stopAnd let love irradiate the wayLike the men before me, I reduced off my sleep to spite my faceI never wanted an additional woman to knowSomething about me the you didn’t knowI promised, ns cried, ns couldn’t holdI suck in ~ love, i think I need a do-overI will certainly be emotionally available if I invite you overI stew over; “What if—”“You end my shit?”

I’m never ever gonna law youI’m never gonna treat you like I shouldOh

And if my children knewI don’t even know what I would certainly doIf they ain’t look in ~ me the sameI would prob’ly die through all the shame“You walk what with who?”What good is a ménage à trois as soon as you have a soulmate?“You risked that for Blue?”If i wasn’t a superhero in your faceMy heart breaks for the day I have actually to explain my mistakesAnd the mask go awayAnd Santa Claus is fakeAnd you walk online and seeFor Blue’s tooth, the tooth fairy didn’t pay