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4 her Eyez OnlyStudio album by ReleasedRecordedStudioGenreLengthLabelProducerJ. Cole chronology
December 9, 2016

2014 (‘Deja Vu’)<1>2015–2016

Electric Lady Studios, new York CityThe Sheltuh, Raleigh<2>

Jermaine Cole (also exec.)Ibrahim Hamad (exec.)Elite (also co-exec.)BLVKChargauxChildish MajorDeputyElijah ScarlettRon Gilmore
Forest Hills Drive: Live(2016)4 her Eyez Only(2016)KOD(2018)
Singles native 4 her Eyez Only
"Deja Vu’Released: January 10, 2017"Neighbors’Released: April 25, 2017
Vinyl cover

Songs downloads because that 4 your Eyes Only. Cole - 4 her Eyes only play Download. Success 10 nlite 900mb iso download windows 7. Cole’s been busy prepping his fourth album, 4 your Eyez Only. Out of nowhere, the album showed up on iTunes, through a plan release date of Dec. The end of nowhere, the album showed up on iTunes, through a plan release date of Dec. There Is No Preview easily accessible For This article This item walk not appear to have any type of files that can be proficient on Please download papers in this article to.

4 your Eyez Only is the fourth studio album by American rapper J. Cole. It was released top top December 9, 2016, through Dreamville Records, Roc country and Interscope Records.<5> The album to be Cole’s first release with Interscope—his previous albums to be released by Columbia Records.<6>4 her Eyez just was released specifically two years after Cole’s vault studio album, 2014 woodland Hills Drive.

Most of this recordings took ar from 2015 to 2016, when the manufacturing on the album was mainly handled through Cole himself, alongside several other record producers such as Vinylz, Boi-1da, Cardiak, Ron Gilmore, frank Dukes, Chargaux and Elite, amongst others. The album explores a range of topics worrying the african American neighborhood including, mass incarceration, gyeongju discrimination, corridor violence and depression. The album also touches on other topics together as, love and fatherhood.

The album was supported by 2 singles: "Deja Vu,’ and also "Neighbors’. All 10 song from 4 her Eyez only debuted in the optimal 40 the the us Billboard warm 100. Cole completed twelve simultaneous warm 100 entries in a single week. Promoting the release, Cole exit a one-hour documentary (by the very same name) top top April 15, 2017 on HBO, special music indigenous the album. In June 2017, Cole embarked on the 4 her Eyez Only world Tour, to promote the album.

4 her Eyez only debuted at number one on the united state Billboard 200, marketing 363,000 copies in its first week (492,000 with added album-equivalent units), earning Cole his fourth consecutive number-one album in the country. It had actually the third-largest weekly sales because that an album in 2016. The album likewise debuted at number one top top Billboard’s Canadian Albums Chart. The reception for 4 your Eyez just was generally positive, numerous critics praised Cole’s songwriting and also called it his best and most mature album come date. It appeared on number of music publications’ year-end lists. On January 12, 2017, 4 your Eyez just was certified yellow by the Recording sector Association that America, and was certified Platinum ~ above April 7, 2017.

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5Release and also promotion6Critical reception12Charts


On July 29, 2016, exit his 9th album,<7>Major an essential includes the fifth track of which—titled "Jermaine’s Interlude"—features Cole.<8> during his function on the track, Cole declares, "Said every I could say, now I play through thoughts of retirement"—a line that had fans the Cole’s wondering about the future the his music career.<9> In October 2016, when performing in ~ a live concert, Cole said that it would be his "last display for a an extremely long time.’<10><11> However, ~ above December 1, through no announcement from Cole himself, a pre-order because that his fourth studio album, title 4 your Eyez just was made obtainable on iTunes Store, through a release day for December 9, 2016.<12>Dreamville documents revealed 4 your Eyez Only main track listing on December 6 with their Twitter account.<13> according to a Twitter rep, there to be 2.7 million tweets stating J. Cole or 4 her Eyez Only in between December 7 to December 19, 2016.<14> In January 2017, in one interview v The Huffington Post, Cole’s manager and Dreamville president, Ibrahim Hamad revealed not also the label knew they would be releasing 4 her Eyez only until an extremely late. By the moment it actually came out only seven human being had heard the album in that entirety.<15>

Album artwork

The photograph that creates the communication of the cover art was shoot by Anthony "Supreme’ Thompson, that is a photographer and also a fan of Cole’s. The photograph was shoot in one Atlanta ar in September 2016.<16> Thompson described on Instagram:

This Atlanta neighborhood was simply going crazy! civilization were running out of their residence to take a photo of Cole and also ask him questions but, there to be something to me around this boy and how he maintained looking at Cole together he walked around his neighborhood. I can see in his eyes exactly how much this endure is slowly transforming his life forever! The young boy’s face just stood the end to me to capture. I experienced in his eyes he knew nothing around J. Cole, yet was rather amazed exactly how everyone was reacting to him. The boy also asked Cole numerous times that he was. But, that couldn’t know what to be going ~ above in his world. Cole and also I spent hrs one night looking for photos for his album cover however nothing seemed to was standing out. Then a few days passed and also I finally found this picture that ns felt represented the covering the many to me to key to him.<17>

The cover art was revealed once the album to be made easily accessible for pre-order ~ above iTunes.

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<12>XXL named it one of the best cover arts of 2016.<18>