Mexican and African jokes room all pretty lot the same.... as soon as you’ve heard Juan, did you do it heard Jamal...

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2 Mexican detectives were investigating the murder of Juan Gonzalez. “How was he killed” inquiry one detective. “With a golf gun.” replied the second detective. “A golf gun? what’s a golf gun?” “I don’t know, however it certain made a feet in Juan”

my girlfriend called me she to be pregnant, so i started searching for some names... the end I decided Juan Carlos and also took the an initial flight to Spain.


girlfriend know, Mexican and also Blacks jokes space really beginning to bore me. when you"ve heard Juan you"ve heard Jamal.

Did you hear around the mexican that got stabbed on a golf course? ns guess who made a hole in Juan.

An ireland Mexican teenager beginning a task as a builder.. just one hour into his first job the tries to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. The ceo spots this and walks over to let him understand he"s doing it wrong. "You"ve acquired a lot of to discover young Paddy Juan".

What did the cannibal say to 2 Mexicans? I believed I"d eat both that you however I only have actually room for Juan

I choose my women like I like my coffee. wrapped in a burlap sack and also hauled across the border on a donkey by Juan Valdez.

Why are black jokes and also mexican hoax the same? because once you"ve heard Juan, you"ve heard Jamal!

Why room all mexico jokes and Black joke the same? since once you"ve heard Juan, you"ve heard Jamal.

throughout dinner, Juan inquiry his mother.... Mamma, why is dad bald?Well Juan, her father has actually a lot come think about and is an extremely intelligent, that"s why.But mamma, why perform you have actually such a lengthy hair?Shut increase Juan and also eat your soup!

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What go a collection of spaceships named "San" and also American Military history have in common? san Juan

I’ve been vacationing in Miami for a couple of days and all of my Uber chauffeurs have been immigrants from Spanish countries. as of ideal now, just Juan has actually signaled when changing lanes.

my friends called me that a Latino male is hitting on my crush, yet I don’t understand who he is. Ns don’t care around innocent people, ns so angry that I desire to struggle them all Juan by Juan.

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What execute you call the process of mentally breaking a cruel mexican criminal using his just sons? Cracking open a cold Juan through the boys.

A redneck looks at a Mexican right in the eye and says, "how does it feeling to marry mine ex wife and have mine sloppy seconds?" "not bad," replies Juan,"after 2.5 inches deep she feeling brand new"