It"s an old song by The Spinners. Ns love listening to this song however I never understood what they supposed by "it take away a stupid to discover the love don"t love nobody."

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It simply method that Love is gonna take your heart threw some stormy journeys. It"s gonna take her heart and soul through hell sometimes! the gonna carry out what that does, and also ain"t no use in complaining around "Why me? Why now? Why her? Why him? Why go it happen this method or that way? when will the pain end?" Love"s gained some lessons to teach, and they"re no all fun. There will certainly be moments when you"re pretty certain you know it all, then Love will certainly slap girlfriend silly and also stomp you into the ground come the suggest where friend don"t have actually a proviso what anything means. It"ll carry you come the end of yourself, it spins you provide up and also cry out for mercy. No one escapes Love"s institution of hard knocks. Broken hearts, wrong dreams, sacrifice and also pain. And, yes, ecstasy, delight, joy, every the good stuff. Love imparts wisdom, but it"s "wisdom born of pain". And Love doesn"t care if you"re not in the atmosphere to discover right now! Love is prefer that one teacher you had in college that you were particular had that in for you, provided you turbulent assignments, tons of homework, and also graded you with a "D" when you believed you deserved a "B+"--but in the finish he or she lugged out the best in you; brought you come a greater place. Love is like that!


What perform these lyrics mean? "It takes a fool to find out that love don't love nobody."?

It's one old track by The Spinners. Ns love listening come this song yet I never construed what they intended by "it bring away a fool to discover the love don't love nobody."

Pure and simple, the location speaks because that itself. However, if girlfriend ve never honestly, truly been in love or loved someone deep (the soul mate type of love), you wouldn t, no couldn t, fathom what the expression stands for. Love is beautiful and also bountiful and also coarse and cruel; it s bittersweet and also does no discriminate in any type of of these descriptions; an entity depend itself. It can come like the blues in the night or wafts itself on a summer breeze. LOVE don t LOVE NOBODY, NO ONE, NO THING!!!

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