Ight for this reason I just started sucking down misfits content over the last month and I don't gain what the crap is Toby's deal.

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Is it fucking john or is it fucking TOBY? What's the deal? Is it 2 separate networks or is he simply a prick?

Is that gay? I have no idea. It's implicated periodically to no laughter which makes me think he is gay, and other time it's used so flagrantly the it seems disingenuous.


Toby is trans, identifies together a woman yet is attractive to women. Offered to walk by Johnontheradio but readjusted it come Tobyonthetele (real name) because Kryoz's actual name is John and also it to be confusing for some people.

It's Toby now, and listen to among the podcasts native a month or so ago, it explains everything girlfriend ask about. It's #48.

Good because that Toby! That's part pretty hefty stuff, however I am glad Toby felt comfortable enough to re-publishing something choose that. Hope all transforms out well sufficient in the end.

His original name to be “JohnOnTheRadio”, for this reason if friend hear this name in early on videos that his or Fitz’s, that is the same human being as “TobyOnTheTele”. Toby is his real name. I’m not sure why he used to be referred to as John, however he adjusted it to it is in his genuine name because another YouTuber/streamer, Kryoz, is called John.

I’m not certain where the is at through his sexuality and gender identity since I can not use been keeping up with the podcast recently. I understand he is attractive to women and also hates being a male. Last ns heard he was considering taking physical actions to change to gift a female, together he has always felt that he should have been born a female. It’s possible he identifies together female now so i’m sorry if I’m using the dorn pronouns

fitz stated that he referred to as himself john back in the day because when they provided to do improv radio bits ~ above surf servers fitz would always call the john, and toby would always open with, 'hello everyone, its man on the radio'


fuck turn off dude. Don't be a prick, they have the right to be who ever before they want, save yoir homophobic shit to yourself

Toby is no gay. He simply hates the fact that if you're a male you have to be musculine and also tough favor Barbara Bush, He's basically damaging that stereo kind by exhilaration gay. Yet he straight.

I have actually no idea what these human being are talking about with the bi-sexual, pansexual, homophobic hitler stuff they talk about, however they clearly didn't get the point and the jokes discussed their head.

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He is a boy who thinks he should of been born a girl you deserve to act feminine and still be straight but technically he would certainly be lesbian due to the fact that he consideres himself together a female so now it's she rather of he so now she is into girls

I always wondered the exact same thing since I supplied to watch fitz a lot then i sorta dropped off because that a while and also when ns came earlier Johnontheradio had been replaced with this brand-new person Tobyonthetele and I never saw John/Toby prior to so ns didn’t realize they to be the very same person.