kenneth Cole space a fashion brand that, like plenty of in their niche, has actually recently branched out right into watches.

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Their flair for design can be easily seen in the watch designs, however of food these space no Rolex or Omega. They space made by a clock manufacturer, most likely in China and also will expense you alongside nothing.

However, if you want something that looks great, and also are affordable sufficient that you deserve to get more than one to complement your various dress formats (casual, formal, unique) climate it can be a great option because that you.

In this review, ns am going to cover several of their most well-known models, for this reason you deserve to quickly find a great fashion accessory because that yourself.


Another standard watch format many human being are searching for is the great old chronograph. Kenneth Cole have definitely not ignored that genre, with this bolder black and also white model.

The situation is again fairly large, through chronograph pushers and also a crown come match. The screws in ~ the apexes are rather reminiscent that a Hublot or perhaps even a royal Oak, back without your signature shape.

The irradiate brown, stitched animal leather strap with the pronounce lugs is the critical noteworthy component of this watch, pass it all together.

Japanese Quartz movementStainless stole case and also leather strap3 sub-dial chronographWater resistance: 30m (100ft)Case size: 48 x 12mm

Another noteworthy architecture I want to mention is the Reaction sports model. It is a hybrid digital/analog through the signature KC special case and also dark dial. The exceptional light blue hands space a nice style touch, together is the digital sub-window at 6 o’clock.

This is a watch because that those that like the old-school an unified with the new, along with contemporary and minimalistic.

It also comes in a gold design which is likewise shown here.

Japanese Quartz movementMineral crystalStainless steel braceletAnalog/Digital displayWater resistance: 30m (100ft)Case size: 44 x 15mm

The Reaction Digital is a standout piece from the Kenneth Cole range, because it is just so unique in design.

It definitely won’t appeal come everyone, however for those who prefer dark, modern-day timepieces, this is a worthy day-to-day watch. Again, KC have added a thick, gnarled case on this watch, through a matching thick silicone band. The digital display screen is additionally quite dark, which can be a small hard to read, however adds come the allure of this foreboding and also moody watch.

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But, just one last note, in instance you don’t favor the color, there room some lighter alternatives below. Just click the image.

Japanese Quartz movementMineral crystalSilicone strapDigital displayWater resistance: 30m (100ft)Case size: 50 x 15.6mm
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