Gravity falls Season 3 Updates: Is The display Returning? The show pertained to an finish in 2016 but is it feasible Gravity falls season 3 might happen? The series is a mix between The Simpsons and also Twin Peaks.

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This animated series has a devoted fanbase yet what room the odds that Gravity Falls season 3 happening? Gravity Falls is the brainchild of Alex Hirsch, who wanted to produce a cartoon the was a mash-up the Twin Peaks and also The Simpsons. Gravity Falls follows twelve-year-old pair Mabel and also Dipper Pines, who are sent to the titular city in Oregon to spend the summer with their quirky good Uncle. Pretty soon upon arriving the twins room sucked right into a summertime adventure involving the assorted paranormal keys surrounding the town.

Gravity Falls has been acclaimed for its animation, voice exhilaration - consisting of Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal as Dipper and also Mabel respectively - and its writing. The show famously had something of a stop/start technique to production, through episodes gift aired together they to be finished instead of all being aired at once. The mixture that adventure and good characters has actually seen in contrasted to the likes that Steven Universe and Rick & Morty.

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The show pertained to an finish in 2016 through a two-part finale, but what room the chances of Gravity Falls season 3 happening?

Alex Hirsch made decision To finish Gravity Falls

regardless of the show"s rarely often, rarely airing, it to be a ratings hit and attracted a faithful fanbase. Creator Alex Hirsch had constantly envisioned Gravity Falls telling a definitive story v a beginning, middle and end, so he announced in so late 2015 the the season 2 finale "Weirdmageddon 3: Take ago The Falls" would certainly be the last episode.

Hirsch"s reasoning behind the decision to end Gravity Falls is the the display tells the story that one epos summer adventure, and also once the summer ends, therefore does the story. He wanted it to have a appropriate ending and not keep going until it shed its spark.

Gravity drops Live action Deleted Scene
when a complete Gravity Falls season 3 probably won"t happen, Alex Hirsch hasn"t ruled the end a return to the series either. He wanted to finish the display on a high but additionally confessed to loving the personalities so lot he might see himself returning to do a one-off special or an ext episodes. Naught is at this time on the cards, however.

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A Gravity falls Comic come In 2018

gravity falls lost legends cover
A graphic novel referred to as Gravity Falls: shed Legends was released in 2018 the included new original content. The comic was created by Alex Hirsch and while it"s not fairly Gravity Falls season 3, it to be a funny continuation and also proof the show"s creator is quiet interested in informing stories collection with the civilization of the show.