Tomorrow night Ink Master season 11 illustration 13 will certainly arrive top top the great Network and also the stakes are absolutely high. Over there are just six contestants left, and also with Cleen absent One only having two continuing to be artists, us feel favor he might be emotion the heat more than ever. The good news, though, is that he’s gained two yes, really component artists on his team in Tiffer bright and additionally Tony Medellin.

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In the sneak emergence below, we do have actually a good sense as to what is coming up — at the very least for the very first challenge! Both Cleen and also Christian Buckingham are both going to tattoo alongside your teams. The theme right here is versatility, and basically they each need to develop something representing power.

On paper, we carry out think that Cleen’s team has actually an benefit in this challenge. With there gift fewer artists on his team, there’s a little less that a too-many-cooks variable here. There are likewise fewer world who space working top top the tattoo as a whole and that could mean under contrasting styles. Yet, Cleen appeared to be in ~ a lose in the to plan phase regarding how to exactly do a tattoo representing power. We believed he would certainly be in trouble, yet then we also saw that Christian’s team to be equally slow-moving in your development. Kris Shockley seems to be especially annoyed with exactly how much time anyone else was taking leading as much as the tattoo being done.

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You can see the completed designs together the thumbnail in the video below and also just based on that alone, us are more than likely going to have to side through Team Cleen top top the design and the layout of it. When Team Christian appears to it is in going because that a “knowledge is power” approach, Cleen’s style just feel bolder and also a little much more suiting what the initial ask was for the challenge. Also, they seem come have worked together better, whereas on Team Christian there was clearly a lot of conflict with chris being at the facility of lot of it. This episode can be the one where everything concerns a complete boil. We acquire where he’s comes from, offered that he appears to it is in a really moved guy and also has some huge aspirations because that what he desires his career to look choose after the show, including when it involves getting his own tattoo shop. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win, yet doesn’t realize the sometimes, the ideal move to do is to fall into the background and also just be a great teammate. The is a talented guy, though, and also as that right currently he’s more than likely the second-strongest artist Christian has behind Teej Poole.

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Who perform you think is going to success this particular an obstacle on tomorrow’s squid Master? Share right away in the attached comments below! (Photo: great Network.)