The united Methodist foundation is cursed to supporting and resourcing united Methodist churches to do disciples for Christ for the revolution of the world.

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We re-superstructure our field of expertise in the gaue won arena through churches and also their members to improve the financial strength of Indiana united Methodist church and carry out transformational leadership.

We offer the adhering to services:

Investment methods for churches and also agenciesAssistance because that churches in developing and also growing planned providing ministriesManagement of endowments, trusts, gift annuities, and also charitable remainder trusts because that churches and also individualsTraining, workshops, and seminars in stewardship, invest strategy development, and also planned giving

A rich History

The united Methodist foundation of Indiana can trace that is roots ago to the Preacher’s Aid culture of the Indiana Conference of the Methodist Church formed in 1835. A tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, the structure is taken into consideration a publicly Foundation. The is a separate legal entity affiliated with the Indiana Conference joined Methodist Church. The structure receives no funding from tithes or apportionments native the Indiana Conference the the joined Methodist Church. Its operations are supported by individual contributions, and also administrative and also management fees

Dave BerryForrest BowersJohn ClayTeri CrouseKarla ElliottScott GreenIan room (w/o vote)Shalimar HolderlyShelley JohnsonWarren KirkJeff LorentsonJames NeedLarry PriceManet Shettle (w/o vote)Lee White
Chuck Armstrong — Southwest Marla Dernay — north & NorthwestTodd Outcalt — Central, East, West, South, North, North main & Southeast

Our Staff

The daily operations and also outreach the the foundation ministry are managed by a specialized operational and field staff. The operational staff are situated at the structure office in Fishers and also the field staff room disbursed transparent the state.





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ABOUT USThe joined Methodist foundation is cursed tosupporting and also resourcing joined Methodist churchesto make disciples for Christ for the change ofthe world. Us share our field of expertise in the gaue won arenawith churches and their members to boost thefinancial stamin of Indiana joined Methodist churchesand provide transformational leadership.Learn an ext About united state Privacy Policy