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text & understanding Search DTForumSort (Forum) by:relevancedateDT Lyrics:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ#All Subject: THE EYE that THE STORMFrom: wysiwygDate: 03 Mar 02 - 10:01 AM can not find this via DT and Forum search, so here it is. More source information would be helpful. MIDI is HERE. (Not in the same vital as the setup below.) ~S~ =============================================== THE EYE that THE STORM Traditional? Edited and extr verses by Susan O. Hinton prefer a ship sailing out on a pilgrimage so rough and long-- So far from shore, so far from home-- I set out searching for a reason to go on, and also I uncovered it in the eye the the storm REFRAIN: No issue what storm clouds might rock this delivery of mine, The light of mine Savior leads me safely with the night. Though my ship might be rocky and also my sails may be torn, i shall remainder in the eye the the storm. as soon as the wind and water rage and the billows begin to roll, The blessed absent of eras speaks tranquility to mine soul. That holds me in His eight so safe and also so warm and also I find shelter in the eye of the storm. that calls us from the harbor come the wild and rolling tide, His message to speak, His net to actors wide. And also out over there He guides us though we"re weary and also forlorn, and there"s respite in the eye that the storm. So traction up her anchor and also raise your sights to watch The food He has actually laid the end for you and also for me. Then set your sails because that heaven, leaving the land forevermore, journey onward native the eye that the storm. CHORDS: favor a (G)ship (C)sailing (G)out top top a (D)trip so rough and (G)long-- So far (C)from (G)shore, so much from (D)home (D7)-- i (C)set out trying to find a reason to walk (G)on (C,G), and also I (G)found the in the (D)eye the the (G)storm (C,G) REFRAIN: No (G)matter what (C)storm clouds might (G)rock this ship of mine, The (G)light of my (C)Savior leader me (G)safely with the (D)night.(D7) though my (G)ship may be (C)rocky and my (G)sails may be (C)torn, ns shall (G)rest in the (D)eye the the (G)storm. Source: CLICK post - optimal - house - press Friendly - TranslateShare Thread:

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