"If girlfriend Can"t take care of Me at My X, friend Don"t deserve Me in ~ My X" is a snowclone that the phrase "If you can"t manage me in ~ my worst, girlfriend don"t deserve me at my best," i beg your pardon is most often used in the beforehand stages that romance. The expression is often mutated or offered in parody.

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The quote"s original resource is unknown, however it is frequently misattributed to Marilyn Monroe in the following form:

"I"m selfish, impatient and also a little insecure. I make mistakes, ns am out of control and also at times tough to handle. Yet if girlfriend can"t handle me in ~ my worst, climate you sure as hell don"t deserve me at my best."<1>


With the arrival of virtual dating, the phrase, both the original and also slightly mutated versions, became widely used on personal profiles, regularly as a warning to potential suitors. Multiple short articles on reddit describe this phenomenon, including very upvoted people in the subreddits /r/tinder, /r/okcupid, and /r/circlejerk.<2><3><4> In addition, the expression was provided on reddit come refer to pictures of domestic violence in both the /r/imgoingtohellforthis.<5> In addition, between 2009 and also 2011, several pictures with the quote written on photographs of Marilyn Monroe go into large circulation ~ above Tumblr.<6>

Left: Tinder profile example; right: standard Marilyn Monroe misquote image.

Later, as mutations became stranger, image macros featuring an extremely outlandish version became much more and more popular ~ above Tumblr, while the initial quote fell out the favor. Few of the an ext popular versions recommendation celebrities, tv characters, or anime characters, and are posted on Pinterest, Tumblr, and also Instagram.<7><8><9>

You Don"t worthy My in ~ My Dootiest

One of the most popular mutations, "If girlfriend Can"t take care of Me in ~ My Spookiest, climate You Don"t deserve Me at My Dootiest," source in the Skull Trumpet subreddit, /r/ledootgeneration in a short article titled "If girlfriend can"t manage me at my flootiest girlfriend don"t deserve me at my dootiest" by DonTori, posted on July 12th, 2015.<10> The short article featured a GIF of a skeleton play a flute make of bone, and also received 2,914 clues (92% upvoted). The post"s layout was then replicated over 60 times by members the the subreddit, with different words always substituting because that the "word" "flootiest," but the native "Dootiest" staying the very same in each post.<11> In addition, the popular kind of the mutation came to be a typical skeleton-related copypasta.

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If girlfriend Don"t Love Me in ~ My X, girlfriend Don"t deserve Me at My Y

In late March and early April the 2018, an image-based variation of the snowclone started spreading top top Twitter. Using distinct spacing and also Twitter"s image-layout, the snowclone reads "If you don"t love me at my (unattractive picture of celebrity or character), climate you don"t deserve me in ~ my (attractive snapshot of celebrity or character)." The tendency began among the K-pop fandom in so late March. On in march 29th, 2018, Twitter user
creeperscult uploaded pictures of Mingyu from K-pop group Seventeen v the snowclone, getting over 3,500 retweets and 7,200 likes (shown below).


In the food of the following several days, the snowclone spread as users created variations through many an ext characters and also celebrities. Some well-known examples include a tweet by