Luke Bryan's new single, 'Drunk on You,' has actually some heavy hitters behind the song's lyrics. Rodney Clawson, josh Kear and Chris Tompkins room the 3 minds that penned the track that has actually been creating a stir since its release.

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"When you acquire together and write through Chris, the entirety time the is like structure a track on pro Tools, and then he’ll turn around and throw the end these impressive lyrics," Clawson tells Taste of Country. "The idea that we actually wrote to was called ‘High ~ above Summertime.’ we felt prefer ‘Drunk on You’ to be a much better title since you can’t say ‘high’ in a country song <laughs>! even though it’s not a obtaining high top top drugs; it’s obtaining high ~ above summertime. It was a really fun track to write because it was simply painting a step of a bunch of youngsters sitting in a circle."

"Girl, you make my speaker go eight boom / Dancin' tailgate in the full moon / the kinda thing renders a guy go mmm hmm / You're lookin' so good in what's left that those blue blue jeans / Drip of love husband on the money machine gotta it is in / The best buzz I'm ever gonna uncover / Hey, I'm a tiny drunk on you / and also high on summertime," they wrote in the chorus.

"The an initial line the the chorus is 'you make my speaker go boom-boom,'" claims Clawson. "You know exactly how trucks and also cars space these days v the sound systems … you gain a little hip-hop in there and also it’s thumping pretty great <laughs>! then the heat 'drip of love husband on the money maker gotta it is in the best buzz I’m ever before gonna find' … <laughs> … world from whereby I grew up just look at me and also say the line to me, and they’ll be like, ‘What does that mean?’ My traditional answer is, ‘Exactly what girlfriend think it does.’ The track is around a girl that this man is simply head end heels about."

"If friend ain't a 10, you're a 9.9 / Tippin' and also spillin' that homemade wine / On her tied increase t-shirt / Every little kiss is drivin' me wild / Throwin' tiny cherry bombs right into my fire / good God every mighty," Bryan sings in the song.

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"I know Luke is rockin’ that track out top top the road ideal now," claims Clawson. "Everybody the goes to a Luke show calls me and tells me, ‘Dude! ‘Drunk on You’ sounds so cool live and every human body is to sing along!’ hopefully it will certainly be a large hit."

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