Among the prominent production of Tyler Perry, If loving You Is Wrong has saturated made its place. It is grounded on the film named The solitary Moms club by Perry. It is a melodrama series of American origin that revolves around the stays of 5 couples. Wives and husbands have actually different, so several of them entangle in the affair.

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Directed, written, and created by Tyler Perry, the series an initial hit the screen on September 9, 2014. Season 1 ran for 42 episodes and concluded on might 24, 2016. The viewers really preferred the series. Consequently, the showrunners fix up the series for a 2nd helping. Season 2 ran because that 22 illustration from September 13, 2016, to might 30, 2017. Later, three more seasons the opera came. The collection premiered on September 9, 2014, and ended ~ above June 16, 2020. The 5th season contained consisted 12 episodes concluded on June 16, 2020. 

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Is if loving You Is wrong Season 6 Canceled

If love You Is not correct Season 5 fight the display on march 31, 2020, ~ above OWN. But prior to the come of the season, the showrunner had announced that the 5th season would certainly to last and final season that the series. However, once the finale arrived on June 16, 2020, the fans dropped The chairman of own channel, Tina perry confirmed the cancellation and also said: 

“We room grateful to Tyler Perry and also the talented cast and also crew for giving us five incredibly entertaining seasons. We can’t wait because that fans to see the jaw-dropping storylines that space going to unfold this season. That delivers every the juicy drama as only Tyler Perry can.”

Why if love You Is the dorn Season 6 Canceled?

Own has actually not proclaimed any particular reason for the cancellation of the series. However, we assume that due to the liven schedule of the creator Tyler, it has actually been canceled. The contract between Perry and Own concerned an finish in 2019. Moreover, the signed a content partnership contract with ViacomCBS in 2017. Once he started with CBS shows, he began wrapping collection running top top OWN. Most probably because of lack of time, the did not offer a suitable ending to the series. That left the fate that numerous personalities up in the air. As he proceeds to ramp up advance and manufacturing with ViacomCBS, his reflects on own are gradually being traction out.

The cast of if love You Is dorn Season 6? who Will We satisfy in It?

The key character who will return because that season 6 if ever before made are-

Matt chef as Joey BlackmanEdwina Findley as Kelly IsaacsHeather Hemmens together Marcie HolmesZulay Henao as Esperanza WillisApril Parker Jones together Natalie HenningElton Williams together Dr. Randall HolmesAiden Turner as Brad MontgomeryCharles Malik Whitfield as Lushion MorganJay Hunter together Ian Glenn Donovan Christie Jr. Together Larry Conlee 

We might see brand-new faces as well.

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The Plot that if love You Is Wrong? What to suppose From Season 6?

The plot of If love You is Wrong follows the stays of 5 couples life in the very same street in new York City. Every husband and also wife were searching for something to fill the loneliness in your life. Castle were looking for the love i m sorry they did not gain out of your marriage. Perhaps, they were searching for their real houses where they might find peace. 

Like other soap opera dramas, we experienced affairs, lies, deceiving people, and much more which make the plot going and also interesting together well. Each character own secrets, jealously, and also infatuation.


Though season 5 ended, that left the fate of part character up in the air. The fans need a suitable ending for those characters.

So if the creators determined to with season 6, they will pick from where season 5 ended. Us hope the season Season 6 will provide a decent conclusion come the series.


The Trailer the If love You Is wrong Season 6.

No trailer because that season 6 is accessible as the now. It will certainly take month to come if season 6 is ever made. It rotates then, lets take a glimpse exactly how the journey of If loving You Is wrong began.


Where deserve to We watch If love You Is dorn the Series?

You deserve to watch the collection on Huluand OWN

How countless Seasons space There in the If loving You Is the dorn Series?

The series consists the 5 seasons with 102 episodes in all.

Season 1- 42 episodes.

Season 2- 22 episodes.

Season 3- 18 episodes.

Season 5- 8 episodes.

Season 5- 12 episodes.

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Final Verdict 

The soap opera that started in 2014 has actually quite happy entertained the pan to date. The quick-witted character and their entangled life make a fairly engaging plot. The is a concoction the love, sex, affair, mystery, and also humor. Overall, the show is very much enjoyable.


All the seasons will engage you transparent the series. However, showrunners have finished the collection without giving a great finale. The is disheartening for the viewers.

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What do think about the finale of If love you is wrong? do tell me in the comment crate below.