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That's appropriate my guy Prince Paul, large Guru, world Asia, it's all good. Yet you recognize what, people be taking kindness because that weakness right, I'm no trying to hear itThey be questioning me shit, I'm not trying come hear itThey be trying to gain put on, I'm no trying to hear itYo i told girlfriend once, now I'm informing you twice catYou know and I know, I'm nice like thatGracefully ns age, like vintage wineBecause I'm true come the game, and also I evolve through various timesMe and my male Paul, stimulate y'allHow come so many can bust shots, but got no hand skills at allWe didn't learn from the deaths that the an excellent onesAnd niggas don't think about doing bids, until they confront oneI'm no a hater, I'm a congratulatorPlus I'm tho in the mix, do the efforts to obtain my paperIt's just that the money can't be much more important 보다 truthAnd niggas have babies, but don't be reasoning 'bout the youthThey be right misleadin' niggas, while i be straight feedin' niggasAnd if ns had far better marketing, I'd have much better sales figuresFuck it, steal my position I'll never ever share itI'm the nigga from gang Starr, and also I'm not trying come hear itSo perform what we do it takes experience so target highWe them males in the game who take it seriousWe come across humble, but we still can snapAnd have actually a fit cause we not trying come hear that shit
I'm not trying come hear it, I'm not trying to hear that shitI'm no trying to hear it, I'm no trying to hear that shitWith murderous flows, I stay on some MC next level level shitWith a heart to beat, annunciationYeah, no much more shall ns be front onSongs obtain punished, published, performed while MC's gain hunted onAnd i don't offer a fuck around who got a hundred songsMy stamina equipped v the banana clip, longAnd y'all won't be able to last on that shit, longCause to have the ability to spit, you got to setup your shit strongI press to , that of a weightlifting inmateWaiting top top the track that somebody deserve to send meI'm from Cali where niggas try to be friendly, yet quick to ride on castle enemiesTo honour the saga of battle story trilogy'sMy style price more, you cat is sophomoreI'm almost everywhere oversees, or offshore currently who can floss more?Fuck it, I'll say it I'm sick of these white dudesSo posesthe , (?), and the new Cause if i didn't execute shows, ns would've been murdered one of y'all punksAnd probably made the front cover the And as soon as you see me in the club with my niggas, us ain't rappin' at allSo the following cat to operation up top top some battle shit, I'm slappin' 'em downReady because that repercussions, reefer puffin'Streets is nothin', I'm slappin' niggas in the confront just come teach 'em somethingThis is the brand-new me, reason life is like a movieMurderous few, indigenous you know who it's your trulyPlanet Asia Y'all

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Yo i told friend once, currently I'm informing you double catYou know and I know, I'm nice favor thatYou know and I know, I'm nice like thatYou know and also I know, I'm nice favor thatConstantly ns hear the same old joints, on the radioIt's crazy yo, I'm worn down of castle lame old jointsSome song hot yet a lot, completely politicalSome rappers got energy, yet need to be much more lyricalThe game is adjusted though, it's about drugs and variety roversIf not it's about guns and also expensive champagne, yoThey yap about whatever whip they've gotHow numerous keys castle flip, how many niggas they've shotHave girlfriend forgot? The highways have always been that illHave girlfriend forgot? The god's got mad skillsAnd niggas should focus prior to our reason turns hopelessOr clock poverty and also death, swarm our cities choose locustsWhether it's 1992, or 2002I'mma rep prefer I'm an alleged to for my peeps and for youAnd it's true, my position I'm not tryin' to share itCause I'm OG Bobby Guru, and also I'm not tryin' to hear......