Fortbyte #6 has been added to Fortnite and this collectible has players tracking down a puzzle item by looking for an ice cream cream shop in the desert. This Fortbyte challenge does call for that you have a details emote unlocked to collection Fortbye #6. This overview will define what you’ll must do to unlock the Fortbyte and collect yet another piece come the large picture.

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First points first, there is a necessity to collecting Fortbyte #6. You’re going to require to have actually leveled to at the very least the 14th tier of Season 9 so the you deserve to have unlocked the Yay! emote. As soon as you have this emote girlfriend will should equip the to her character by heading to the locker in the key menu.

Now that you have actually the emote equipped you now simply need to discover that ice cream cream shop in the desert.


The ice cream shop in the desert is actually situated in I7. Phibìc of sky Palms and west that the gyeongju track in the desert, you’ll uncover the ice cream shop in the clue. When you’re there, merely head within of the main building, execute the Yay! emote, and also then friend will have the ability to collect Fortbyte #6.

Once you have actually the emote you deserve to then head back into the challenges tab to view which item of the puzzle this collectible has unlocked.

Need aid finding every the other Fortbytes?

There space plenty of Fortbytes now out in the people of Fornite. If you require a hand tracking them all down, we’ve compiled a list of every Fortbyte Locations.

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