I never had a finest friend, I have 0 friend in real and also online. I shot to it is in friends through online civilization for months however they never ever stay v me. I acquire jealous of world who have actually friends and long hatchet friends. Ns never had any, they just ghost me. I guess the problem is with me, probably I'm not good at make friends. Also my social apps room empty :( ns don't have any kind of luck in this life.

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I wish I had actually $50 dollars. I just wish that somehow, part way, I had $50 dollars. Ns can gain $10 here and there yet it's always gone the following day. I am jealous of people who get $50, $100, even $1000 dollars, they must just be born lucky, it's not fair.

I don't have any type of luck in life. I'll never have actually $50 dollars. Ns guess the difficulty is with me. Everyone else it s okay $50 or $100 or an ext handed come them and no one hand me anything and also it's no fair. It's just not fair. Where's my money? wherein is the person who is walking to provide for me?

Wait...what's this girlfriend say? I have the right to have $50? This is great news! Wait. What carry out you median I need to "work for it?" Hahaha. That's absurd. I don't want to leave my house, I like it here. I don't want to obtain a job, I have anxiety. I don't desire to get a better education, that's too hard. I simply want you to give me the money. Other human being inherit money, or have actually parents or spouses provide THEM money, that's what i want. Ns don't want to need to EARN it. How dare you. See? I'm unlucky. I'll never have actually money. Many thanks for nothing, asshole.

THIS IS exactly how YOU SOUND.

You room adopting a full victim mindset.

You don't "get" friends. You don't obtain friends (or anything) through "Wishing". Friend don't go in and out of your life through luck. Rather of looking in ~ yourself and also saying "What deserve to I execute to make, and also keep friends?" you keep using words prefer "wish" and "they never stay" and also "luck", as if you have actually nothing to do with it.


Read "How to victory Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Check out every book on do friends that you can. Acquire into therapy and also really drill under on this problem with a therapist. Check out every website you deserve to on do friends. Walk OUT and MEET PEOPLE. Sign up with clubs. Take classes.

Ditch the victim mentality. From now on, say to you yourself 10000 times a day "I am responsible." over there is no such point as luck or wishes. You are creating your circumstances. Therefore change. Work HARD. Shot things. If you lose a friend, research your interactions closely and ask yourself what walk wrong. Shot again. Nobody is simply going come invite girlfriend places. YOU have to be the one come invite people, YOU need to be the one to begin conversations. It's tough work.

Just like no one is walk to offer me free money, no one is going to drop the end of the sky and be your friend. It takes WORK.

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No one desires to it is in friends with a victim. We are drawn to positive, smiling, achievers. Work difficult to it is in the kind of human being YOU would want to it is in friends with. Don't it is in a complainer or an Eeyore. Don't it is in a downer. Don't let human being ghost you. Be better.