Soft cell’s 1981 synth-pop struggle “Tainted Love” is a work again, please again of a 1964 Gloria Jones song. Jones’ track was a B-side come “My poor Boy’s Comin’ Home,” a Motown solitary that… review More 
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Sometimes i feel I've acquired toRun far I've got toGet awayFrom the pain girlfriend drive into the heart of meThe love we shareSeems to walk nowhereAnd I've shed my lightFor i toss and also turn ns can't sleep in ~ nightOnce i ran to you (I ran)Now, I'll operation from youThis tainted love you've givenI offer you every a boy could give youTake mine tears and also that's not practically allOh, tainted loveTainted loveNow, I understand I've got toRun away, I've obtained toGet awayYou don't really desire any much more from meTo make points rightYou require someone to organize you tightAnd girlfriend think love is to prayBut I'm sorry, ns don't pray that way
Once i ran come you (I ran)Now, I'll operation from youThis tainted love you've givenI offer you every a boy might give youTake mine tears and that's not almost allOh, tainted loveTainted loveDon't touch me pleaseI cannot was standing the way you teaseI love you, though you hurt me soNow, I'm gonna fill my things and also goTainted love, oh, tainted love, ohTainted love, oh, tainted love, ohTouch me, baby, tainted loveTouch me, baby, tainted loveTainted love, ohTainted love, ohTainted love
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Soft cell’s 1981 synth-pop struggle “Tainted Love” is a remake of a 1964 Gloria Jones song. Jones’ track was a B-side to “My poor Boy’s Comin’ Home,” a Motown solitary that flopped.

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Jones’ “Tainted Love” blew up in the UK’s northern soul scene in the ’70s ~ British club DJ Richard Searling bought a used copy ~ above a trip to the US. After ~ “Tainted Love” got a an increase from the north soul scene, Gloria Jones tape-recorded a new version in 1974, but it failed come chart.

When Soft Cell chose to give the song a walk in 1981, they readjusted the an essential and slowed the tempo. They operated with producer Mike Thorne to produce the electronic arrangement for the song.

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Thorne called Sound ~ above Sound:

You can smell the coke on the second, north soul version, the was yes, really so over-ramped and so frantic. The was good for the run floor, but I didn’t like the record…when Soft cell performed the track I heard a really novel sound and a very nice voice, for this reason off we went.

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Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (1981)
Soft Cell
Tainted Love
Written By
Ed Cobb
Recorded At
Mediasound Studio C, London
Release Date
July 7, 1981
Sampled In
SOS by Rihanna, Runaway by Bassi Maestro (Ft. Mondo Marcio), Tainted Love by Excalibur, Walk prefer An Outworlder by J.E Blade & 1981 by The Hood Internet
Interpolated By
Big poor Wolf by Tech N9ne & Backstage romantic by Original Broadway cast of Moulin Rouge! The musical (Ft. Original Broadway actors of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Ricky Rojas & Robyn Hurder)
Cover Of
Tainted Love by Gloria Jones
Cover By
Tainted Love by Lucy & La Mer & Tainted Love by Milky Chance
Remixed By
Tainted Love/Where go Our Love go by Soft Cell & Tainted Love ’91 (12" Version) by Soft Cell
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