Regardless, if you deserve to still carry out the quest, walk to Curtis and also introduce yourself. He’ll ask friend to assist out by likewise getting the pursuit from Hsu so that you can manage it from both political parties and assist Curtis continue to be hidden. Carry out so, and also then obtain ready because that the huge sabotage mission..

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I placed a order on you - framing Crenshaw

In order to structure Crenshaw, very first look in the garbage can external of the ticketing workdesk on the first floor. Grab every one of the bomb make ingredients inside and additionally grab the blueprints because that the monorail bomb. Take this proof up to the Concourse. There have to be a significant footlocker by one of the beds in the barracks area. I just saw one soldier patrolling, so it should be straightforward to just crouch down and also slip every one of the materials right into the footlock while he’s not locking.You should put in abraxo cleaner, a conductor, wonderglue, a fission battery and the bomb blueprints. The pursuit will update as soon as you meet this condition.

You might have currently found Crenshaw ~ above his small out that the means patrol. He is right roughly the back of the basic by Contreras" it is provided Shack. You should have the ability to cut v their and also wind up ideal by Crenshaw. If you want, friend should have the ability to just kill him normally. That is every alone back here. Friend can likewise reverse pickpocket a grenade onto him, or even use C4.

Note that there is a special option. If you talk to him, you have the right to ask him about his favourite pranks. You can then mention that you favor pranks too and also tell him the “you simply pulled the pin out of someone’s grenade”, if you have 40 point out in Sneak. Run earlier quickly and he’ll blow up simply as if friend planted a live grenade ~ above him. No one need to notice.

I put a assignment on friend - Sabotaging the Monorail

In stimulate to ruin the monorail, walk as much as the significant door in the terminal.There are two guards at the door who have actually orders come shoot on sight if anyone as well as trusted NCR soldiers technique the door.If you space trusted by the NCR, you must actually be able to walk right previous them. The same need to be true if you have actually some NCR armor come wear together a disguise.

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Otherwise, girlfriend can catch them at a changing of the guard. I believe that this should happen at 9 AM and also 9 PM. I have the right to confirm the 9 to be time. Simply wait outside and also watch. As soon as the hour transforms over the two guards must walk away. Wait for them to walk a same distance under the hallway and then slip behind them. Hear for any type of warnings though, because they won’t officially quit your guard duties until they’re at the end of the hallway.Go with the door to the monorail, and also then jump onto the train. Walk to the earlier of the cabin and use the vent to plant Curtis" bomb. Run off the train and enjoy the fireworks. You deserve to then just walk ago to Hsu and also report Crenshaw’s guilt. Just tell him about the “evidence” that you found to to convince him. You’ll actually get about 100 caps because that your successful investigation.Talk to Curtis to check that you done and receive her reward from that too. This must wrap increase the quest.

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