" itemprop="image"> https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/kittydog/i-peed-i-farded-i-shidded-i-camedthis is a song abou t gift happy for that you are also if you a degenerate v a devolved sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS tune is fucking dreadful YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /odri make this v beepbox and also fl studio :)))its a remasttered variation of https://rwcchristchurchappeal.com/ipeedandfardedandshidded/i-peed-i-farded-i-shidded-i-camed i m sorry i wrote last year i thinklyrics:i peed ns farded ns shidded ns camedand i decided that id be this wayno one can tell me or force me come changecause being like this might also be mine namei peeda yellow stream of hopei fartedso those doubting me would chokei shidded the end a rainbow the loveand i camed out from the stars abovei peed i farded i shidded and also camedthese love intentions that wont walk awayso come on and also join me infant won't girlfriend sayyou peed, you farded, friend shidded and camed, ah!i peed i farded i shidded and also cameand i decided that id it is in this wayno one have the right to tell me or pressure me come changeowoi peed i farded i shidded and also camedim encountering the human being with a laugh on my faceits pleasure i aint gained no one to blameyeah!

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Comment through ☭Selever is a soviet☭

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i cum every the time

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this new 100gecs sound great

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This one mine fave kd somgs

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;w;'''' what am ns listening to-?

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this fucking shit is Soo an excellent LMAO—

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I peed i farted a shidded i camed

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