Joining the military is a phone call for plenty of people. There space many an excellent reasons to join the military, including business to your country, training, adventure, services such as the GI invoice or VA Loan, good pay, wonderful retirement system, and much more. While over there are many benefits to joining the military, it’s not always…

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No, you re welcome don’t.

OK, you worthy a more detailed answer than a simple, “no.”

How around this:

Lying to sign up with the military is a cheat enlistment and can an outcome in a felony conviction.

Yes, you have to be recorded in the lie, but that isn’t as difficult as you can think. Lying around your past drug use? her background check might turn that up. Lying about your medical history? A future injury in the line of duty may turn up a history of previous injuries.

As soon as these imbalances turn up, the military may decide to merely kick you out for fraudulent enlistment. If you’re lucky, you’ll simply get an administrative, other than honorable, or dishonorable discharge. If you’re unlucky, you could be judge of a felony, punishable by a $10,000 fine and also three year in prison.

All that this is plainly spelled the end in her enlistment documents.

You deserve to look this increase in write-up 104a the the Uniform code of military Justice (UCMJ):

1) procures his very own enlistment or appointment in the equipped forces by intentional false representation or deliberate concealment as to his qualifications because that the enlistment or appointment and receives salary or allowances thereunder; or

(2) procures his own separation indigenous the equipped forces by knowingly false depiction or intended concealment regarding his eligibility for the separation;

But my Recruiter told Me come Lie!

Let’s acquire one point straight: the vast majority of army recruiters are honest, hard-working individuals. Their goal is to help their branch of service find the next generation of servicemembers to store our army strong. But some recruiters provide in to press to accomplish quotas and may encourage recruits to “forget” part of their history, or also outright lie to gain entry into the military.

Don’t perform it!

“My recruiter told me come lie,” is no a precious excuse because that lying on your enlistment papers. You space the human being who indicators your enlistment documents. Girlfriend verify that your statements room true and accurate. You would certainly be the human who might be dismissed indigenous the army for a fraudulent enlistment and possibly be judge of a felony.

If your recruiter urges you come lie, you re welcome ask if there room waivers for the problem at hand. There space waivers for numerous disqualifying factors. Girlfriend can get waivers for education, certain medical conditions, some legal or moral problems (such as past drug use), and other factors.

Note: Legal worries can it is in expunged or sealed. The does not median you shouldn’t report lock on her enlistment records – in countless cases, waivers deserve to be had; if waivers space not available, girlfriend are far better of no joining under a fraudulent enlistment.

Some recruiters might tell you not to bother through a waiver due to the fact that it might not be approved. Lying is faster and also easier, and they won’t admit it, but lying reduces your workload and helps lock hit your quotas.

Get everything in composing from her recruiter.

If her recruiter is pressuring you come lie, climate look for one more recruiter. Girlfriend could likewise report the instance to the recruiter’s supervising office, or the Inspector basic for the branch of business you room trying come join.

Should i Lie around My Medical background to gain Into the Military?

There are several locations of the army application whereby it is straightforward to make mistakes, and also several wherein you might think it makes sense to tell a lie. One of those is the DD type 2807-2, or the clinical Pre-Screen form. This is wherein you administer your an individual medical history to MEPS, the army Entrance handling Station. A MEPS doctor will review your application and also medical background and recommend you because that entrance come the military, or disqualify you based on your clinical history.

There are two types of medical disqualifications – a permanent disqualification (PDQ), and also a temporary disqualification (TDQ).

These names are slightly misleading – a PDQ doesn’t constantly mean you can never serve in the military. That simply means the disqualifying problem is permanent.

For example, you cannot “undo” a surgery. That surgery is permanent, even if you are healed. The is whereby waivers come right into play. Part medical conditions are eligible because that waivers.

A TDQ is a short-term condition. An example could be a broken bone. Friend wouldn’t be able to attend straightforward military cultivate if you have actually a damaged finger. But you may otherwise be eligible once it heals.

Learn an ext about exactly how to get a clinical Waiver in the Military, and also Joining the guard or Reserves through a VA special needs Rating.

Reader Question about Being recommend to Lie about His medical History

The complying with is a leader question:

I had read your write-up on The military Wallet that you had actually written ~ above “How to get a medical Waiver in the Military.” I discovered it very informative and also useful. Although, I have actually not to be able come draw any kind of solid conclusions for this reason far regarding the DoD-I regulations and also the PULHES code detailed in her article.

I have actually a pre-existing medical problem that ns know already is a PDQ, (permanent disqualification) but I am wonder if my problem is tho waiverable. I am doubtful on moving forward at this allude because i am unsure if my problem is waiverable or not. Together you had mentioned before if my condition is not waiverable then i am wasting everyone’s time.

I am in a slightly ethical conflict because I do not desire to lie on my applications as far as the medical history or at all for the matter, even though my recruiter is basically telling me to lie on mine application. Saying that, “If it is no a trouble anymore then you can put ‘No’ ~ above the application.”

In reference to type 2807-2. Another statement that ns was said was, “If it wasn’t recorded then it never ever happened.”

Is it worth lying on any kind of of the paperwork? If the is found, then firstly, the is a dishonorable discharge because that fraudulent enlistment; climate secondly, that will go v me for the remainder of my life. This would be due to the truth of fail to disclose any and also all information. Even then it would be daunting to acquire a project flipping burgers at McDonald’s. I would assume no in this case since it would reason me to be constantly looking end my shoulder. Particularly for thoroughly background checks for secret or top mystery security clearances.

I would choose to recognize if ns am able to get a waiver because that this situation and or how to go around doing the exactly? I would appreciate any and all information you could suggest me to or any advice you might give me. I am exceptionally passionate around serving my country and serving in the Navy.

How have to One Respond to the over Situation?

This is an exciting situation. It appears as despite the recruiter is encouraging him come lie to get entrance come the military. As we have currently covered, this is no a great idea.

Here is how I would take care of this (please understand that ns don’t speak because that MEPS, recruiters, or the DoD. The article is based just on my personal experiences and also the procedure of using for a waiver. Based upon this, i can’t comment on details waivers, just the process).

Be Truthful, even if It means You Can’t sign up with the Military

My referral is come be completely truthful on your application. Together you proclaimed in her message, getting caught in a fraudulent enlistment is a big deal and also can result in a dishonorable discharge and also other nasty consequences. The 2807-2 needs you to verify her statements prior to signing, and you will certainly be reminded multiple times at MEPS—both verbally and also in writing. Lying on main government papers just isn’t precious it.

Again, ns can’t discuss the likelihood of a waiver because that your medical history. However the procedure would work like this: friend would should list your medical history on the 2807-2, then also attach a created statement indigenous a medical experienced (on his or her letterhead), stating your present medical/health status and also the medical professional’s opinion of even if it is or no you space fit to offer in the military.

The doctors at MEPS will certainly then do a determination about your status and also whether or no they room able to concern a waiver, or if lock need extr information. The process can take months and sometimes there is earlier and soon if the MEPS medical professionals require added information to make their decision.

Your recruiter would be the point of contact for working waivers, and also you must listen to her recruiter in that regard (as long as your recruiter is advising friend to do the ideal thing).

If you Don’t Get welcomed into the Military

Not receiving a waiver would certainly be a disappointment, however don’t let it gain you down. Not acquiring in is much better than being accepted under a fraudulent enlistment, then later being kicked out and also receiving a dishonorable discharge (or worse).

Of course, there is likewise the disappointment of no being able to serve your country in the military. Yet there are countless ways you have the right to serve your country, consisting of through the commonwealth civil service or state or regional government.

There are plenty of civilian tasks that occupational for and with the military. You may not have the specific same experience, yet there are likewise some services to gift in the commonwealth service.

Some agencies would work directly with the Navy, when others may work with other federal government or military agencies. For this reason those species of tasks may be worth looking into. Legislation enforcement, emergency response, customs, landscape security, firefighting, transport Security management (TSA), etc. There are plenty of ways to serve exterior of the military.

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I know I haven’t offered you any kind of firm answers here, but right now, those answers nothing exist. You need to apply to MEPS and also receive their an answer on your clinical Pre-Screen prior to you can use for a waiver. ~ you do that, it’s out of your hands. My expect is the this help you carry out the ideal thing, even if that doesn’t work out the method you want it to. There are other great careers the end there the would permit you to serve your community and country.