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Jump In the Caac refers to a YouTube Poop-style remix that Bruno Mars tune "That"s What i Like." After very first appearing ~ above Tumblr, the opening clip that the track spread ~ above YouTube in countless animations.


On march 18th, 2018, Tumblr user rf9weu8hjf789234hf9 posted an edit of Bruno Mars tune "That"s What i Like" the then changes completely after around 20 seconds. The short article gained 17,000 notes; The opened of the track would certainly be used in future videos.


A reblog of the article by user ricky-croissant<1> spelling the song"s "lyrics" (shown below).

On march 23rd, 2018, YouTuber AyyItsTuna posted the track with a screenshot the the transcription, getting over 94,000 see (shown below, left). YouTuber \ BogwandiRamen // post an computer animation accompanying the tune the adhering to day, gaining over 200,000 views (shown below, right).

Over the food of the complying with month, plenty of animations featuring the song were post to YouTube. The most famous by far was posted by YouTuber Sorenova, obtaining over 1.1 million see (shown below, left). An edit by McGuff posted April 10th acquired 32,000 views (shown below, right).

The song likewise spread in the Doki Doki literature Club fandom. An modify by YouTuber Egg used the characters and also gained end 3,000 see (shown below). Another edit posted to the /r/DDLC subreddit<2> on may 4th, 2018, acquired 417 clues (shown below, right).

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