Definitions include: amphetamine.

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Definitions include: the best.Definitions include: miscellaneous you have actually now is worth much more than two points you have just a opportunity of getting.Definitions include: excessive.Definitions include: sex-related activity.Definitions include: In the West/Central Canadian accent, "about" is pronounced somewhere in between "aboot" and also "a boat".Definitions include: a small crazyDefinitions include: one unspecified little number.Definitions include: come play around.Definitions include: really common.Definitions include: a mythical creature that is exceptionally happy or fortunate.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: to collide with a tree.Definitions include: an ugly face.(show 767 morehide)

Other terms relating come "fly":

Definitions include: in a directly line.Definitions include: a person who frequents bars.Definitions include: to be existing in big numbers.Definitions include: to die v others in a large group, commonly within a quick span of time.Definitions include: sneakers.Definitions include: an extremely good, excellent; "cool"; "awesome".Definitions include: as soon as the ago top that a female's thong is visible above her pants. "Look at that girl in ~ the bar, she's completely flying a kite"Definitions include: adjective.Definitions include: more fly.Definitions include: to have actually the zipper ~ above one's trousers unzipped.Definitions include: to end up being enraged.Definitions include: to perform something totally by one's self.Definitions include: a heterosexual with many homosexual friends.Definitions include: an angry retort.Definitions include: to not hide what provides a person a freak or renders a human being be perceived as a freak.(show 4 morehide)

Other state relating to "fuck":

Definitions include: "fuck you".Definitions include: absolutely.Definitions include: very absolutely.Definitions include: acronym of "all fucked up."Definitions include: an interpretation caring around everything.Definitions include: acronym that "adios mommy fucker."Definitions include: one intensifier.Definitions include: 1. To be very intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol Definitions include: a human being who is stupid or act something dumb.Definitions include: acronym because that "bad-ass mom fucker".Definitions include: "Get prepared for some serious trouble."Definitions include: acronym the "big fucking deal."Definitions include: acronym for Butt-Fuck, Egypt.Definitions include: a bitch-ass motherfucker.Definitions include: come over-think something, well beyond what is needed; to consider and reconsider and also reconsider again regularly leading come an i can not qualify to do a decision.(show 298 morehide)

Other state relating come "give":

Definitions include: meaning caring around everything.Definitions include: acronym because that "don't offer a fuck."Definitions include: acronym for "do i look choose I provide a shit."Definitions include: to offer up or to display weakness.Definitions include: to care.Definitions include: to give poor advice.Definitions include: to care.Definitions include: to care.Definitions include: "give a fuck".Definitions include: come care.Definitions include: to care.Definitions include: to applaud.Definitions include: to beat up.

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Definitions include: to treatment a small amount, always used in the negativeDefinitions include: compromise.(show 78 morehide)