about I Don"t also Know her Name

"I Don"t also Know her Name" is a tune co-written and recorded by American country music artist Alan Jackson. It was released in might 1995 together the fifth and also final single from his album that I Am. It reached number-one on the U. S. Billboard country charts and on the Canadian RPM nation Tracks chart. It was created by Jackson with Ron Jackson and also Andy Lofton.

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Well i was sit at a roadhouse under on Highway 41You to be wiping off part ketchup top top a table that was doneI knew you didn"t check out me I was in a corner boothOf food you weren"t mine waitress mine was missing her front toothSo ns flagged you under for coffee but I couldn"t to speak a thingBut I"m in love v you baby and also I don"t also know her name.I"m in love v you babyI don"t also know her nameI"ve never ever been too great at all those sexual gamesSo perhaps it"s just far better if us leave it this wayI"m in love with you baby and I don"t even know her nameSo i ordered straight tequila a small courage in a shotAnd i asked you for a date and then i asked come tie the knotI gained a little wastedYeah ns went a small farBut I lastly got come hug you once you aided me to my carThe last thing I remember i heard myself sayI"m in love v you baby and also I don"t even know her nameI"m in love with you babyI don"t also know her nameI"ve never ever been too good at all those sexual gamesSo probably it"s just better if us leave the this wayI"m in love through you baby and also I don"t also know your nameThe following thing i remember ns was listening wedding bellsStanding by a females in a lengthy white lacy veilI raised the veil she smiled at me without her left front toothAnd I stated where the Hell am I and also just that the Hell are you?She said I was your waitressAnd our last name"s now the same"Cause I"m married come you baby and also I don"t even know her nameYeah I"m married come a waitressI don"t even know her nameI"ve never ever been too good at every those sexual gamesI never thought mine love life would quite turn the end this wayHey I"m married come a waitress and also I don"t even know she nameGet me the end of here!

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Alan Jackson Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American country music singer, known for blending classic honky tonk and mainstream nation sounds and also penning many of his own hits. He has recorded 14 studio albums, three greatest Hits albums, 2 Christmas albums, one Gospel album and several compilations, every on the Arista Nashville label. An ext than 50 that his singles have appeared on Billboard"s perform of the "Top 30 country Songs". That Jackson"s entries, 35 were number-one hits, with 50 in the top 10. He is the recipient of 2 Grammys, 16 CMA Awards, 17 ACM Awards and nominee of multiple other awards. That is a member the the grand Ole Opry, and was inducted into the Georgia Music hall of call in 2001.

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Jackson has sold much more than 60 million documents worldwide. More »