My very first time going to this specific con. Had a an excellent time with friends! it was small but well organized and everyone to be super friendly. Nice, laid back atmosphere. Took pleasure in the convenience of the food trucks outside the key entrance. Will go again next year.

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I took pleasure in the expo. The panels to be fun, the cosplay dispute was an excellent and I appreciated the short film challenge too. Please save up the great work and also consider including a dance, some anime screenings and also a trivia contest.
many of comic book and various geeky merchants on site. Need better info ~ above website. Ar is not stated at all prior to buying tickets. Hrs of operation were also challenging to find. No mention that vendor's area didn't open until 10:00 to be on Saturday.

Every year in Huntsville, a generally mild-mannered convention facility turns into the super-powered Huntsville Comic & Pop culture Expo. There, comic fans, pop society enthusiasts, and the alter-egos the some powerful superheroes gather because that a weekend that fun. Throughout the expo, guests deserve to pop in on conversation panels, or head over to the cosplay contest to present off their supersuits. Every year, the highlight of the expo is a lineup of celebrity guests, that have included everything from gibbs to comic publication writers and also artists. During round tables, discussion panels, and meet-and-greets, fans have the opportunity to connect with creators such together these, acquiring first-hand understanding on just how some of their favorite characters were brought to life.

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