Everyone notices, sooner or later, that once they run to 100% magnification (View > yes, really Size), the rulers on their display are no accurate. One inch does no equal 1″ ~ above a “real world” ruler. One centimeter does no equal 1 cm. Adobe’s answer to this due to the fact that InDesign 1.0 is (to paraphrase): “tough beans, learn to live with it.” and so many users have, because that the many part, learned to live with it, accepting it without really understanding just how to settle it.

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The reason 100% size is wrong, through the way, is the InDesign renders a bizarre assumption: that you’re using a 72 dpi monitor. Now, I occur to have actually a 72 dpi monitor in my garage, native 1987 or so, but that’s definitely not what I’m using.

If there to be a means to tell InDesign what resolution my current monitor in reality was (as you can do in Acrobat and Photoshop), climate it could adjust its Actual dimension so that the rulers (and all other objects on the page) would be accurate. Yet you can’t do that.

What you have the right to do, however, is readjust your magnification. For example, you have the right to hold a ruler up come your display and readjust the watch magnification setting until the ruler is (more or less) correct. On my laptop monitor, that’s around 139%. Now, anytime I desire “actual view” I simply need to run to 139%.

If you have actually the application Bar turn off (in the view menu), then you deserve to press Command-Option-5 (or Ctrl-Alt-5) to jump to the view magnification field. Climate you can type the number girlfriend want, adhered to by Enter, and also InDesign jumps come it. For some reason (bug?), this shortcut has actually not worked due to the fact that the application bar was introduced in CS4 (if i recall correctly), i m sorry is exceedingly annoying. Ns hope Adobe fixes that someday, together I prefer to work with the Bar rotate on.

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Automate the View!

Okay, however who wants to kind in 139 all day? That’s ridiculous. As soon as you number out what view is truly Actual Size, you must tell InDesign to jump to the quickly. You can’t tell the to adjust the watch > actual Size menu item, but you have the right to tell the to readjust Command-1 (or Ctrl-1) to jump to the magnification you want. Here’s how.

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First, you have to install a very straightforward script. It’s such a an easy script the it’s just one line long, and you don’t also need come know how it works. To download it:

Open the script panel. In CS5 and also later, you uncover this in home window > Utilities > Scripts. In previously versions, it’s… um… ns don’t remember, yet it’s easily discovered in the window menu somewhere.Right-click (or ctrl-click with a one-button mouse) top top the User folder within the scripts panel, and also choose disclose in Finder from the context food selection (or expose in Explorer, in Windows).Now, in InDesign, choose Edit > key-board Shortcuts and choose your practice shortcut set (or produce a new one through clicking new Set).Choose scripts from the Product Area pop-up menu, and also choose the script (which is dubbed zoomto140percent.jsx) in the list of regulates (it’s probably at the end of the list).In the brand-new Shortcut field, form Command-1 (or Ctrl-1). You’ll see that it speak you that this is currently set to really Size. That’s fine. Click Assign, climate click OK.


That’s it! Now, at any time you push that shortcut, you’ll jump to 139%. (The very first time you perform it, it could take a moment, however it’s much faster from climate on.)

Of course, your display may not require 139%… so figure out what percentage you want, then open up that script in any type of text editor (such together Notepad on windows or TextWrangler ~ above Mac OS), and adjust the number 139 to everything you want:


Save the file, nearby it, go ago to InDesign and shot your shortcut. You’ll see it works right away!

Is this a new feature or a brand new script? Nope! Long-time listener will acknowledge that Dave Saunders composed this, and also we very first talked about it inPodcast episode 4, in January, 2006!

Of course, you have the right to duplicate the manuscript in the scripts dashboard folder (using a slightly various name because that each), then modify each one’s portion value, climate assign various shortcuts to each one. That means you can have one faster way take girlfriend to specifically 227%, and also other take you to 17%… or everything your heart desires!